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One Piece-7 Minutes in Heaven *Long Results*
Story published August 22, 2009 · 9 pages · 8,998 readers · 32,928 reads
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"3" you said confidently.
There was only guy here that you wanted. If it wasnt him then nothing would happen, but if it was his, had a small plan. You heard a light chuckle and your heart exploded
"I've got number 3" said a seductive voice right next to you ear.
You jumped slightly and he chuckled again. You scowled to yourself and went to the closet a few feet ahead of Ace.
You'd been best friends since you met a few years ago but recently your feelings had changed and grown stronger, a LOT stronger. There was just one problem, you had no idea if he still saw you as 'just a friend' so you were going to use this to your full advantage.
Making sure Ace couldn't see what you were doing, you undid the first couple buttons on your blouse, exposing quite a bit of cleavage. You heard the door shut and turned around to see Ace leaning against the wall, smiling warmly.
Once you'd turned around he cocked an eyebrow and conjured a flame in his hand looking you over. You walked towards him and he extinguished the flame. "Anything wrong Ace?" he smirked
"Well, apparently my BEST friend is coming on to me"
Your heart fell "I see...I'm sorry Ace, I'll leave you alone"
You turned away from him but he put his hands on your shoulder and turned you back towards him. You looked down trying your best to hold back tears.
"Please look at me ______"
You took a deep breath to steady yourself and locked eyes with him, they were a deep brown, almost black, warm and gorgeous
"I-I'm sorry ______, I didn't know you felt that way about me" He pulled you into a hug and you let several tears fall"______?"
"Y-yeah Ace?" you said, your voice breaking.
"It's a good thing you feel that way about me because...because I love and want you more than I can stand and I didn't think I was going to hold out much longer"
Your heart froze. Ace pulled away and you looked into his eyes again, this time they had a nice bit of lust behind them. He moved his hand to your face and gently brushed away your tears and you bit your lip somewhat seductively.
He turned you around and pinned you against the wall, pressing his body to yours. He put one hand on your waist and the other behind your neck. He crashed he lips to yours and you were immediately frenching, your tongues in a fiery dance. If fire had a flavor, this was it.
You knocked off his hat and ran your fingers through his hair. Your knees buckled. He held you up as you wrapped your legs around his bare waist, one of his hands supporting your back, the other moving up and down your spine making you shiver. You pulled away to breathe, both of you panting heavily as Ace moved down to your neck. He found your soft spot, kissing and sucking it roughly, making you moan loudly.
You felt him getting weak in the knees himself as he set you down gently on the floor, still kissing your neck. Before he could make another move, you flipped over.
It was your turn on top.
You pinned him to the ground, straddling his hips. You started by slowly and sensually kissing his neck, working your way down to his soft spot, playing with it and making him moan softly.
You smirked, glad he was enjoying himself. You moved up and gave him another passionate kiss as your hands moved over his chest and arms. You were interrupted by a loud knock
"One minute and we don't want to see anything R rated!"
However, you were more intrigued by something hardening beneath you.
You looked at Ace to see him blushing furiously as you got off him. You straightened yourselves out, Ace still blushing bright red. You walked over to him
"Hey Ace, what'd ya say we give the crew something to remember us by?" He looked confused, then smirked
"Why not"
You jumped him, entwining your entire body around him as you kissed him like there was no tomorrow. He had one hand up your shirt, massaging your back, and the other resting on your butt as you continued to attack each other.
The door opened and everyone just stood there shocked to see the two 'best friends' eating each other's faces.
You were still hot and heavy into it when Nami forced you apart, claiming that it was another couples turn.
You and Ace walked out like it was no big deal. The party continued and you and Ace were inseparable.
You were talking to him when he suddenly slumped over snoring. You rolled your eyes and put his head in your lap, playing with his hair, where you stayed for the rest of the night.