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How well do you know Gregor the Overlander?
Knowledge Quiz published September 28, 2009 · 755 takers
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In Gregor the Overlander, at the beginning of the book, what kind of day was it?

Where was Margaret at the start of the book?
What did Gregor's mom do while she waited for his dad to come home?
How does Gregor discover the portal in the grate?
Who or what is the first thing he meets in the Underland?
What is Gregor's first impression of the Queen?
Why does Gregor agree to go on the Journey?
What does Gregors grandma call him?
What does Lizzie point out about the rat king's name?
 Who is the first to die on the journey?
 How does Gregor save Luxa from the Spiders?
 " So bid him take care, bid him look where he leaps . . . " Who is this stanza from the Prophecy of Gray about?
 " Hates us, the princess, hates us? "
 Who killed Ripred in his sleep?
 Why is Luxa so opposed to having Ripred accompany them on the journey?
 Who is "one lost up ahead?"
 Who is able to direct Ares home and how?  
 After Gregor dies, who bonds with Ares?

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