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Helter Skelter: A Manson Family Quiz
Knowledge Quiz published October 14, 2009 · 157 takers
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In which state was Charles Milles Manson born?
What did 8-year-old Charles Manson describe as his "sole childhood joy"?
What was Manson's first major crime?
After being placed in a juvenile center, Manson spent some time in prison. When he was released, where did he go?
Family member Lynette "Saueaky" Fromme turned to Manson after...
Charles "Tex" Watson, who met Manson through Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, had escaped from...
Which Family member had an abortion performed on them against their will at the age of 15?
The Family was very spiritual in their set of beliefs, a major part of which was the the importance of ATWA, an idea that was directly related to --
They let ________ crawl on them at night while living at Spahn Ranch because they believed that all creatures were their friends.
 What Beatles album held the most significance to the Family?
 Using drugs was more than recreation for the Manson Family; it was a spiritual experience. While high on LSD and marijuana, the Family would perform scenes from --
 On the walls of their victims' homes, including those at the brutal Tate encounter, Family members spelled out words such as __________ in blood.
 After Charles Manson was imprisoned for his crimes, he...

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