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Please Baby don't hurt me.
Story published October 17, 2009 · 16 pages · 380 readers · 808 reads
I love you?
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I love you?

When you wake up you see Ian sleeping with his arms around you.You smile and go back to sleep.You are so happy to have him.You guys both woke up at the same cause you heard a crash come from downstairs.You got scared because you really did love your mom and brothers.You never met your real father.It always made you sad to know that you didn't even know what he looks like.You always dreamed of meeting your real father.

you say"I'm going to see what's going on.Okayz I Love You!"
He says"No babe don't its your father.He is going to try to kill you.So please don't go down there.Please i love you."
You say"My father!Why would he wanna do that to me?"
He says"Cause he wants your powers.But you should beat him you are at you strongest."
You say"Okayz babe but give a last kiss in case i dont make it.

He kisses you with so much passion you start crying.You then go downstairs to see.