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What kind of hairstyle should you REALLY have?
Quiz published October 22, 2009 · 17,486 takers
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1 ; You Prefer...
2 ; Favorite color out of the following...
3 ; which animal...
4 ; On your free time you...
5 ; Your boyfriend/husband ends the relationship between you 2.. so you...
6 ; How would you describe your outfits?
6 ; So it's a GNO (girls night out). You and your girls go to...
7 ; If you could take a trip to ANYWHERE in the world and stay there for a year, where would you go?...
8 ; You just RANDOMLY won a million dollars.. the first thing you blow some of it on is a.....
 9 ; What kind of music do you prefer?...
 10 ;  If you could only wish for ONE of these below.. which one would you wish for...
 10 ; What kind of hairstyle would you say BEST fits you?

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