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Emo In Heaven 3 (Really long results)
Story published December 29, 2009 · 10 pages · 20,392 readers · 106,462 reads
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You picked an earring stud. You couldn't believe how big it was. You held it up awkwardly. You saw the new emo guy stand up. You never actually talked to him, because he was sorta weird in his own way. You stood when he was almost in front of you. You felt pretty nervous. You introduced yourself to him. "Yea, I've seen you around." He said sorta nice but with an edge to his voice. "You Tony, right?" You asked nervously. "Wow! You actually know my name?" He asked lighting you the conversation. "Yea, it's a small town." You giggled. When you two went into the closet, you were more nervous. He leaned against the wall and motioned you to come closer. You went a little closer, then he grabbed you and pushed you against him in a nice sexual way. He then kissed you gently, and felt you all over. You had to admit, he was an amazing kisser. You felt under his shirt, and he was surprisingly muscular. He then started kissing your neck, which tickled. He found his way to your lips again. Then before you knew it, your time was up. Tony ended up asking you out. You said yes. You could see your friends faces(shocked). You actually didn't care what they were thinking. After a few months of dating, you went over to his hose(like you did every day). But you felt something different in the air. You knocked on the door, and his little sister opened it up. "____ come in. Something happened to Tony." Your heart skipped a beat or two. You felt empty. You went over to his parents, who were crying their eyes out on the couch. "What happened?" You managed to ask. "He got in a bad car accident. He's alive, but he lost his memory. He doesn't remember anything." You asked what hospital and room. When his mom answered you ran out the door without thinking. When you went into his room, he looked horrible, different. His arm was in a cast, his leg was bandaged up, and his neck was in a brace. "Hey, Tony do you remember me?" You tried to hold back the tears. "Hmm... you don't look familiar. What's your name?" You couldn't believe he didn't remember you. "My name's _____. We met at a party, and then we started going out. Does that ring a bell?" He stared at you for a few minutes. Then, "I don't remember a party. Party's are stupid. That must mean, you are too." He smiled a weak smile. You didn't find it funny at all. He used to love party's. It's like he was complete opposite of what he used to be. You couldn't stand there anymore, so you ran out the door crying. A few weeks later, Tony returned to school. He was no longer emo, but normal looking. No more tight jeans or shirts. Just normal looking. He looked at you and laughed the same laugh he did that day in the hospital. You ended up running away that night. You never shed another tear for Tony. You moved on, and became more stronger.