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Emo boy band love stories
Story published January 26, 2010 · 52 pages · 6,575 readers · 16,947 reads
Ronnie Radke
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Ronnie Radke

You just got out of a long-term relationship with your very first love. You thought you lost it all, he was your everything, you gave him your all, and now he was gone...not gone as in break up...gone as if abuse...neglect of his parents...dead! Marriage was most definitely in your future, but due to his fathers impatience, and his mothers alcoholism, there is no more future of you two together. 

-2 years later-
Your still sad, and it still hurts you. You take anti-depression pills to kill the pain, but nothing really helps. You can never forget him, or forget the love between you two...your friends hated seeing you like that, especially after 2 years. One night, they told you to go home and change into something cute, and they were gonna have a sleepover! You packed your bags, and wore your super tight black skinnies with holes in them, and a neon orange shirt, with your orange hand gloves and a white hoodie. You got to your friend Jen's house, and everyone was there waiting for you, as they all got ready. They sat you in a chair, and they did your hair, and put on your make up better for you. Then they told you they were taking you out...not to meet a new boy, but to get you out of the house for once in over 2 years! You didnt want to go, cause knowing them, they would all find a guy, hook up with the guy, and you'd be left alone as wasnt always like was different when you had Micah around (the love of your life..well once.) You all gathered into Jen's tiny car, and off you drove for what seemed like forever!! A few hours later, she pulled into an arena type building, and there were a few cars parked throughout the lot. You all got out, and saw an unfamiliar band name on some other peoples tshirts. You realized you were at some concert, maybe a private show? You really didnt know. You all walked in, and Jen got out the tickets, and handed each of you guys' a ticket. You all walked up to the door, noticing a few smoking scene guys staring at you. You smiled at a few of them, but stopped when you saw one that looked like Micah! Your friends nudged you to move forward, but seeing that guy, whoever he may be, broke your heart all over again! Finally, you were in the building, and in the seats (front row) and you were all talking about random things, and about the show that they took you too. A few of those hot scene guys sat behind your group, and your friends turned around to flirt with them, you just sat there, staring at the empty stage, praying that the pain in your heart somehow go away for the first time in 2 years! You just couldnt take it much was like you were dying everyday a little more for the past 2 years. A few moments later, the lights went off, and people began screaming and whistling. A random band came on, their music was amazing in your opinion. Then they took an intermition, and a random guy in black tight skinnies, and a white tshirt walked over to you and sat by you. He smiled at you, and took out his hand for you to shake, and said,
"Hey, I'm Ronnie! Whats your name?"
You smiled, gladly taking his hand, and you said,
"I'm _____. Nice to meet you Ronnie. Can you tell me what bands are playing, my lovely friends here dragged me out here, and I have no clue who anyone is so far!"
He giggled, and said,
"Well the band you just heard was called Black Veil Brides, the next band, whom is setting up right now, is Brokencyde, after them is Aiden, then the last band, also my band, is Escape The Fate."
Your jaw stuttered,
"Y-your b-band? You a guitarist or something?"
He laughed this time, and you felt slightly embaressed, and he said,
"You really are clueless arent you? No, not the guitarist, though i can play. I guess you'll just have to wait and see what I am! Your pretty cute. Where you from?"
You turned a slight shade of red, and you mumbled your little town. He nodded and said,
"Any good places to hang out there?"
You told him a few suggestions, and he looked interested and said,
"Hmm...why dont you just give me a tour sometime?! I'm off tour after tonights show, and I feel like taking a scenic route home."
You nodded, and smiled, and said,
"Yeah, that sounds nice. Here is my number, feel free to text me anytime you'd like!"
As you handed him your number, you realized that was the first time in over 2 years you just gave another boy your number...and that was the first time Micah got off your mind and you felt happy again. That was like a breath of fresh air for you! You took in a deep breath, and he looked at you and said,
"Well, your number is stored in my phone, but its time I go backstage with the band, and get ready. Hopefully we'll take that tour sometime soon!"
You smiled, and waved goodbye. You sat back in your chair straight ahead, but glanced over to your friends, who all had their jaws dropped at you! You just gave them a weird look, and giggled and said,
"What?! He was cute!"
They all looked at each other, and Jen said,
"Do you know who you just gave your number to?"
You shook your head, and said his name. You were beginning to understand that his band is the band your friends always talk about and absolutely adore...Escape the Fate! You were speechless for a moment, and then the next band played. You felt your pocket vibrate, and you opened up an unknown text.

'hey this is ronnie. how about 2morrow at 3pm? ill buy dinner after!"

You smiled, and showed your friends...who once again dropped their jaws! You giggled, and quickly texted back,

'wow your fast. lol. sounds good to me! and ill take up your offer for dinner. luck!"

He texted back again,

'haha ok. it's gonna be your favorite place, so u'll have to tell me that lol. thnx!'

That band got off, and they set up for ETF. You stood up and cheered and danced with your friends while they played. You noticed Ronnie (who you now realized was the singer) stare at you throughout most of his show. You smiled, and felt that happy feeling agian. Maybe he was the one that was going to heal your broken heart...but who knew...after all he is famous!

-Your tour with Ronnie the next day!-
He picked you up on time at 3! You showed him your school, and your favorite place to hang...the arcade! You took him inside the arcade, and he beat you at a few games, but you dominated him at pool! Then you took him to a local spa, and tanning place where you had memberships too, due to the fact that they were owned by your mom. Then you told him that you had a secret place. He looked at you, with a confused look, and said,
"Am I allowed to know about this secret place?"
You smiled and said,
"Well, dont go telling all your fans, and I'll show you!"
He laughed, and held out his you two picky-swore on it! You drove him to an old campground beach. There was an old swing set, and a broken slide. The beach was just little, maybe for people with tents. There were random trails throughout the woods, and the sand felt right in between your toes. You both sat on the swings together, and he told you the story of how Craig Mabbitt used to be the singer, and you told him the story that happened 2 years ago...
"Well, I only felt love once in my whole life. It was my first relationship. His name was Micah. We met at school in 1st grade, and became the best of friends. By 8th grade, we somehow told each other our true feelings for each other and began to date. He always told me everything, except for the fact that his dad was impatient and used to hit him...hard! And his mom was always drunk...some nights she never came home. He tried to tell me that one night, about 2 years ago, and when he did...his dad tried to shoot me...but Micah jumped in the way of the bullet! He got hit, and I ran before I did too! I ran straight home, told my parents, and they called police. Micah got hit straight in the heart, died instantly. His mom has to stay in rehab for a year, and his dad was sentenced to prison for life. I've been miserable without him since. Its so hard to feel like you will never get another chance to be in love again...but with you its different for me! I havent really talked to any other guys since his death, and I'm usually not this open about it all! Mainly when I tell this story, or even bring it up, I ball my eyes out...but I'm not even teary eyed right now!"
He smiled and grabbed your hand and said,
"Wanna go for a walk?"
You smiled and said,
"I'd love to!"
You both stood up, still hand-in-hand, and you took off your shoes, he took off his, and you both walked along the shoreline together...talking and laughing. He made you feel whole...and happy again! This was it for you...that love feeling could happen again. The water felt a little cold at first in between your toes, but the warmth from the sand made everything feel better. The whole time you were walking together, you were holding hands, and he was getting closer to you. Finally, halfway down the beach you both walked up out of the shoreline and sat down in the sand. He wrapped his arm around you, and felt you were cold, so he took off his jacket, and wrapped it around you. You smiled, and he kissed your cheek and said,
"Ya know, I dont know how love feels like you do, but I do know when I really like someone....and I know that I really like you, ____. Would you ever consider being the girlfriend of a rockstar?"
You both laughed, and you said,
"Well, I've never considered being anyones girlfriend but Micahs! But arent rockstars supposed to be drunk, lieing, cheaters?"
He smiled and said,
"I'd never hurt you. But I do understand if your not ready to be in another relationship. That has to be hard on you."
You laid your head on his shoulder, and just let him hold you. You leaned up and kissed his shoulder, and said,
"I'd say you have a good chance of being my boyfriend some day...but when I'm ready. I really like you too Ronnie."
He smiled, and held you tighter. You both just sat there for about 45 minutes, watching the sunset, and then you decided it was time to go home. He drove you home, and you got a kiss goodnight for him on the cheek again that night. You walked inside and told your mom everything...cause you two were getting closer. She asked if you planned on dating him, or if this was just some fling for an attempt to get over Micah. You looked at your mom and said,
"I'll never be over Micah, but I cant be attached to him like I am right now for the rest of my life...we all have to let go sometime dont we?"
She just nodded, and kissed your forehead. You went upstairs and plugged your phone into its charger, then got ready for a shower. When you got out of the shower, you still had no texts. You just lied in your bed, thinking about Ronnie, and then you grabbed your laptop and downloaded a few of their songs and listened to his voice over and over. Just before you fell into a deep sleep, your phone went off with a new text. You opened it and read it, slightly blinded by the light...

'hey me 2morrow @ that beach on swings. Talk soon love!'

You texted back ok and good night...then fell back into that deep sleep. The next day, you woke up, and went to school as usual, but instead of going home, you went to the beach, and sat on the swings to wait for him. It didnt take very long before familiar hands covered your eyes! You smiled as you heard the sweet voice say into your ear,
"Guess who babycake?!"
You smiled, and said,
"Hmm I wonder who!"
He giggled, and let go, and sat down on the swing beside you. He looked kinda down, and sad. You werent used to seeing him like that, though you didnt know much about him, since you'll just met. You looked at him and sweetly said,
"You ok honey? Is there anything on your mind?"
He glanced up at you, then back to the shoes on his feet, and mumbled,
"My ex...she told me she still had feelings for me. And I dont know what to think."
You dropped your smile, and quickly asked,
"Are the feelings mutual for her?"
He once again just said,
"I dont know...I didnt want to hurt you, but I dont know what to do, or what to say, or which girl to be with. I'm so sorry. I'll be leaving soon on tour, and I wont be back for 4 months, by then you'll be graduated, she may have found someone else...but maybe this will give me time to think about who I wanna be with. I understand if you hate me."
You just looked down, and stood up slowly. You stood there, looking at your converse, as you gently spoke,
"I dont hate you, and wont hate you ever. But if its gonna take you that long to figure out if I'm who you wanna be with, then I must not be worth much to you at all I guess just forget about me as a girlfriend, and think of me as just another fan. Maybe I'll go to a show of yours on this tour. I guess lets just leave this as a good bye. I uh...I love you Ronnie."
He looked at you, as you turned and walked away. In a silent whisper like voice, he tried to call out your name, but you couldnt turn around, it was all just to hard for you. 

-3 months later-
You and friends were getting ready for an ETF concert in your town. Things were still hard on you, and the past 3 months were just as difficult as when you lost Micah that day over 2 years ago. Ever since Ronnie came into your life, Micah slowly disappeared from it. Jen grabbed your shoulders, and said,
"You sure your ready to face him tonight...I mean things weren't so peachy last time you two were together!"
You looked down and said,
"I doubt he even remembers who I am. But yes I am ready. Front row seats, backstage passes...If it gets to be too much, I'll let you know."
She hugged you, and you both smiled, then it was time to head out the door. On the way to the concert, you heard an announcement on the radio station about the concert, and Ronnie was a special guest on the station. He sounded happy, and then he said,
"Well tonight, we're gonna be playing a new song I just wrote 3 months ago after me and this special girl got into a fight. I still think of her, and I still love her, and I really hope to see her tonight. Theres things I need to say to her."
You dropped your jaw, and tears formed. Jen looked at you and said,
"Is it too much for you yet? Should I turn around?"
You shook your head no and said,
"Maybe its not me...if it is, we should just talk it out."
She kept driving and you both pulled into the arena, and made your way to your seats. Once again, you and her were there way earlier then everyone else. Jen was the kinda girl who liked to be on time for everything, and on time for her was like 45 minutes earlier then everyone else! You both just sat there, silent a few moments, then just as you two began to strike up a few conversations, you heard an all-too familiar voice come from the seat behind you.
"I screwed up _____. I'm sorry, and I wish I could take it back. I never told you this, but I love you, always have, and always will. I wished so badly I didnt have to go on tour so soon cause I wanted to go after you and tell you your the one I chose...but you never turned around and I had to leave. Now I'm sorry, and I want you back. I realized that as soon as I knew you were never took 3 or 4 months to figure out you matter to me, not my ex. She hurt me, had her chance, and she blew it...I hurt you, and my chances...but I'm asking you to forgive me, take me back, be mine? Please, I need you!"
You just sat there, and you didnt know what to say, so you said,
"I dont know what to say. I love you, and want you, and need you, but i cant be hurt like this again."
He stood up and said,
"I understand. But when I sing my accoustic song tonight, listen to the lyrics...they were made from my heart, my true feelings, and they were written for you, and only you. I will dedicate the song to you before I play it, so you will know what it is. Then go backstage, and let me know your final answer."
You just shook your head, said ok, and he walked off...kissing your forehead before. Throughout the concert, you were so anxious to hear the song, yet confused about risking feeling hurt again. Then ETF came home, Ronnie looked at you the whole time, waving at you, and smiling at you...they played a few songs, then he pulled out his accoustic. The rest of the band went back stage, and he pulled up a chair and sat down and said,
"This song is dedicated to a girl who has my heart now and always will. She's here tonight, sitting down front watching me, and I just wanna let you know _____ that theses words are listen to them, listen to me, and I'll talk to you back stage. Love you babecakes."
He began to strum this simple melody...then he began to sing in a voice so unreal and not like his singing voice at all! It was soft and smooth and graceful, no screams no yells...and the words...breathtaking!

(my random
"I paniced when we first met,
I never though I'd fall for you!
Your one girl I cant forget,
My feelings are so untrue!
You swept me off my feet,
over and over again and again!
I will give you my everythings,
If you could just forget!
Baby, come inside my open heart,
Its only open for you!
Be the light that brightens the dark,
Forever and always with you...
I loved you then, and I'll love you forever.
The thing I miss is when we were together.
Just close your eyes, and hear my words.
Baby, I'm sorry, we both got hurt..."

You began to cry, and you screamed out,
"I love you too Ronnie Radke! Baby, its forever!"
Since everyone else in the arena was quiet listening to the words, he heard you and smiled at you. You smiled back, and gave him the 'i love you' sign with your hands, and he quickly gave it back to you. Everyone went awww and you felt that happy feeling again! After the song was over, the rest of the band came back out for a while, they played more songs, but after the concert, you ran backstage, and jumped in his arms. Some girl fans, who you thought would be jealous, looked at Ronnie and said,
"This your girl you sang to?"
He nodded, while looking at you in your eyes, and he said,
"Yes, this is her. The only girl for me!"
He smiled, you smiled, and the fan girls smiled, and they said,
"Good, cause she's perfect for you!"
You smiled at them, introduced yourselves, and then they left, and you and Ronnie went into his dressing room to talk more. You both became official, as obvious as that was. But he still had 1 more month on the tour, and you still had 2 more weeks of school left.

-2 weeks later, walking graduation stage-
Your class just walked the stage, and you were outside your school, in cap and gown, taking pictures with friends, and then you heard some girls shriek! You looked over and Ronnie was there, smiling at you with a digital camera in hand taking pictures of you. You smiled and gestured for him to come over, and so he did. He picked you up, and swung you around. You both kissed on the lips, and then you said,
"Wait, you were on tour for 2 more weeks? How did you get here?"
He smiled, putting you down, but moving the hair from your eyes, and said,
"Well, we cancelled the last 2 weeks...we have a wedding to go to. The lead singer is supposed to be gettin married...if the girl says yes?"
You smiled, and your jaw dropped, and you said,
"Is this your way of asking me?"
He smiled, and said,
" what do you say?"
You looked down, and then back to his eyes, kissed him and said,
"I say we should get going...we have a wedding to plan! She says yes!"
He smiled and picked you up, swinging you around again, and kissing you everywhere. 

-2 weeks later-
The whole wedding got planned out the way you wanted and close friends. His band was there, and some other bands. The wedding was beautiful, and the man of your dreams was now all yours.

-6 months later-
"Hey babe come here....She's kickin!"
You yelled to Ronnie, as your baby (yes you are prego) kicked in your tummy.

In the end, you had 3 wonderful kids, lived in a beautiful mansion, and you and Ronnie were perfect...always together, always and forever :)