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Emo boy band love stories
Story published January 26, 2010 · 52 pages · 6,572 readers · 16,941 reads
Dahvie Vanity
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Dahvie Vanity

You were walking home one rainy day texting on your phone as usual. You just got a random text from a number you were not familiar with, but you read it anyways. The text read:
"Congrats! You just won 3 tickets, 3 backstage passes, and a V.I.P. suite for 3 to see Blood on the Dancefloor. Just text us back if you'd like to go!"
Of course, since you adored BONTDF, you replied back saying,"
You kept texting this random number, remembering that you entered a contest to win them in a Hot topic store about a month ago. Finally, you agreed to meet up in the parking lot of the mall in 3 days to get your tickets, and tell them who you wanted to take with you. 

-3 days later-
You were parked in the parking lot, in the lot they asked you to go to, also one of the only lots no one else parked in, or near. You waited about 15 minutes in your car, blasting their music, until you saw a random black van drive up next to you. You got a text 5 minutes later from them saying,
"Ok, now get out, and go to the back of the van, we're sorting through tickets now. Thanks for participating!"
You squealed thinking 'this is finally it!' as you got out and ran to the back of the black van. Doors were closed, so you lightly knocked, and the doors opened up, but he wasnt holding tickets in his was a handgun! And it was pointed at you!! He forced you into the back of the van, and told you to keep quiet. He tied you up, covered you up, and then hit you in the face so hard you blacked out. He got out, turned off your car, and took the keys with him. He also reached in your pocket and took your cell phone. While driving away, he threw it out the window, and it smashed all over the parking lot. You were being kidknapped.

-1 month later-
You were locked up, chained to the floor in the basement you knew all too well. You heard the door open, then slam shut...he was coming back!! The basement door opened, and sunlight shown through, you soaked up every bit of missed the outdoors so much. He then closed the door, and you went up against the wall, arms around your knees, you sat there, as tears fled from your eyes. You feared Raymond (his name) more then you've ever feared anyone else. He walked in, gave you a half-witted grin, and threw a crumpled piece of paper at you, and said,
"Gee, someones missing you...these are posted everywhere around the mall, through your hometown, in schools, and local businesses. They even took your car from the lot, and picked up every piece of your broken cell phone."
You reached for the paper, and unfolded it. It had your picture on it, and all the detailed facts about you on it, the reward was $1000, which you knew your parents didnt have the extra money to repay someone for you...they would have to give up everything they owned just to get you back. You felt awful and sick to your stomach. He walked over and turned on the radio, there was a live broadcast, and you heard an all too familiar voice, but you couldnt make it out. You were so dehydrated that you could hardly stay awake. You started drifting off, and the last thing you heard was,
"This is Dahvie Vanity from Blood on the Dance Floor, there was a recent kidknapping of a girl who was tricked with fake concert tickets to one of our shows. Her name is _____ _________, and if you see her, or know anything about her, please contact the police immediately. Her family is giving a $1000 reward to anyone who finds her. Thank you."
You were so tired, that you let yourself slip into a deep sleep...when you woke up, there was lights! The basement you remembered was cold and dark...this place is bright, and warm. You looked around and saw a woman asleep next to you, holding your hand, tears stained to her eyes...must have been your mom, if you had didnt know, you couldnt remember anything! She woke up, and saw you awake, and called for a nurse. The nurse and a doctor rushed in, they checked your heart beat, and a few other things, then they told you what had happened. They said a man named Robertto Michaels found you in a corn field and took you to a hospital immediately. You never remembered a corn field...or being rescued! You requested to see this person, and when he walked in, he looked so vaguely familiar...but why? You never knew anyone named Robertto. Then another guy stepped in, his hair was black and long, his clothes were tight and edgy. He walked over to you and said,
"Hey, my name is Dahvie Vanity, I'm in a band you used to listen to. You were tricked with fake concert tickets to one of my shows, and the guy kidknapped you. I heard of your story, and contacted your family immediately, and then helped broadcast as muc as possible. You were barely breathing when they brought you here 2 months ago, you were in a comba ever since. I hope your doing well because I will play for you in the comfort of your own home, with your family and friends there. I'm so sorry that this happend to you, but I will also help out with any counseling sessions you may need to attend to get rid of this horrible nightmare. Please get better, and stay strong."
He gently kissed your forehead, then he got up and whispered something to your parents, and your mom nodded in agreement. 

-2 months later-
Your mom dropped you off at your group counseling appointment. In your group were other girls who were kidknapped and survived like you. The only difference between you and them was that a majority of them were raped, he only touched you, never raped; in a way you were thankful for that. After your group got out, you saw Dahvie (who occassionally would show up after your group sessions to talk to you) waiting by his car for you. You walked over to him, and he hugged you tightly and said,
"Are you doing ok enough to let me take you out to lunch?"
Shaking a little, not willing to trust anyone yet, you managed to say,
"Not really. Its still hard to...ta trust anyone. I'm s-sorry."
You began to let tears slip, he just wiped them away, and kissed your forehead and whispered,
"How about we go back to your place, and I cook lunch for you and your mom? I wont take you anywhere else, maybe I'll run to the store and buy snacks and movies, and the 3 of us can hang out games. Sound like a better plan? And sweetheart, dont cry, its ok not to trust anyone yet. I understand. I'm not going to hate you for anything you dont want to do yet."
You smiled, and kissed his cheek, and whispered in his ear,
"That sounds like the best idea you've had yet. We can start our own tradition...movies, snacks, the comfort of my own home, with my mom. And...thank you..for not hating me. famous with your band an all... could have any girl out there, but your with me. And I want to say thank you for that, it makes me feel special."
He smiled and then you got in his car, and he did as he said, and drove you home. When you got there, your mom wasnt home, but she left a message on the machine saying she was on her way 15 minutes before you guys got home. Dahvie looked at you and said,
"Since your mom isnt home, I think I'll go to the movie store and get the movies and the snacks and then head over to the grocery store and pick up something to make you guys for a lunch or dinner...whatever you would like me to get, I will get for you."
He headed for the door, but you asked him to stop. He got almost to the door, then turned around and looked at you. Slowly, you turned the corner, tears in your eyes, and you whispered out,
"No, I uh...I wanna go with you. The movie store is just a few blocks away, and I need to start getting over my fears slowly, this is a good place to start. I need to trust you, since you and my mom are the only ones I have left anymore, and I don't want to ever lose you, so I wanna go with you...I wanna prove to you that I can trust again...and prove that to myself, my counselor, and my everyone!"
He smiled and walked over to you, and hugged you tightly. He lifted your chin up gently, and you got chills as your eyes met his eyes sparkled in the light. He replied to you in a hushed tone,
"You really dont have to go, I know you'll learn to trust me, we can give it time though sweetheart. I'm never gonna leave you!! If theres one good deed that asshole did to you was led me to you. I really like you honey, and someday we'll both prove the world a lot of things. I trust you, to trust me when your really ready. You dont have to start anytime soon, we can go as slow as you'd like. The choice is in your hands babygirl."
You smiled and said,
"I wanna go if I can. I'm really ready, and if anyones gonna get to see me at my worst its going to be you. I really like you too Dahvie."
He smiled, grabbed your hand, kissed it gently, then slowly walked you out to his car. He opened up the passenger door, and helped you in, buckled you up, then shut the door and ran over to his door. He got in, and sat there for a moment, then started the car, and the song "Your Not Alone" by Saosin was playing, and he just looked over at you and said,
"Ok, I have to ask you something...its something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but I wanted to make sure the time was really right...this moment just seems too here goes...________, can I...uh...may I kiss you?"
You smiled and faced him all the way and said,
He leaned in and kissed you so perfect to the touch. It was the best kiss of your life. He released and just looked in your eyes and smiled, you smiled back. From then on that was your song for everything...he even began to play it accapello (sp?) at some of his shows and dedicate it to you! He drove off to the movie store with his hand locked on yours, and then finally pulled into the parking lot, got out, and ran over to open your door. He helped you out, and you both walked in the movie store. You went over by the horror movies (your favorite) and he went over to the snacks to get some popcorn and chips. A lady randomly working the counter walked over to him and said,
"Can I help you find anything today?"
He shook his head, said no thank you, then he saw you and smiled, and she looked your way, then back at Dahvie and said,
"I just love seeing couples in love come in here. It always brightens my day up. Good luck to the both of you, and if you ever need anything, I'm always back here."
He smiled and said thank you, and walked over to had hit him in that moment he was in love with you...when to tell you and how to tell you was the hard part. He let you pick out 3 movies, and you chose the scariest one, a funny one, and a romantic movie. He walked you over to the counter, and he paid for everything, and the same lady smiled at the both of you, then you went back to his car, and down the road to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner. He got out and opened your door once again (such a gentleman) and then asked you as you both walked towards the door,
"What would you like me to professionally cook? I must warn, I am good with baking, but my main profession is things that come out of boxes and go in the microwave or oven...nothing I need to measure or actual sit and watch cook."
You both laughed, but you both agreed tonight is a Tony's pizza and Tostinos pizza rolls night. He even bought some burritos and hot pockets just to spoil you! After buying everything, you both went home, and when you got there, your mom was home and pleased to know that you went out somewhere other then home and group with someone other than her. He made all the food, and popped 2 bags of popcorn and got everyone their own bowl of it, then he put in the comedy movie first, and you all gathered in the livingroom. The movie ended a few hrs later, and you all finished eating, but you felt gross so you told them,
"Heyy before we start the horror movie, I wanna go take a quick shower, do you mind?"
Neither of them cared, and they cleaned up a bit, and your mom made simple small talk with Dahvie.
"So you and my daughter, gettin pretty close there...anything serious mom should know about?"
He smiled and said,
"What would you say, and I want your honest opinion of this...what would you think of me asking her out on a date for next friday? Maybe that day ask her to be my official girlfriend...I really like her, and tonight we kissed and it felt so right and amazing...But I want moms permission first."
Your mom laughed, but then got serious and said,
"I had her when I was about 17 years old, her dad was in and out of our lives so many times, and I want her to be with someone who wont be like him. I really seem to like you, even though your in a band, I dont want you to let her or me down...but I'd say, go for it...ask her!"
He smiled, then you walked around the corner, and he smiled. He put the movie in, and you all sat around and watched it. Your face was in his chest for most of the movie, and he held you felt so...loved. When the movie was over, you looked up to see him and your mom both sound asleep. You gently slid out of his grip, which woke him up. He smiled, and you smiled and whispered,
"Sorry babe, didnt mean to wake you."
He smiled and said,
"Its fine. I woke up to your beautiful face...Cant beat that."
You smiled, kissed his cheek, and then walked over to your mom, woke her up, and told her to go to bed. She got up slowly, and you went into the bathroom. She was gone into her bedroom by the time you got back, and he had just put in the romance movie. You both snuggled up close on the couch together. Before he hit play, he whispered in your ear,
"Before we begin our last movie for the night...theres something I've been wanting to ask you."
You smiled and told him to ask away. He went on...
"...I know you dont quite trust me yet in some areas...but I trust you completely...and I want to know...if you'd girl? Go on tours with me, and the boys when you're ready to and let me take care of you and support you through these tough days. Whenever you cry, let me be the one to  those tears away and replace your frown with your amazing smile...what do you say?"
You smiled and kissed him, and then whispered,
"I trust you more then I trust anyone else...and I say yes."
He smiled, and then hit play...but of course, this movie wasnt nearly as romantic as the make out session you both had going on during it. How you loved the taste of his lips, the scent of his mint breath, the feeling of his tongue inside your mouth, as well as yours inside his mouth. You loved his touch, the way he went slow, yet fast too...if this wasnt true couldnt imagine how amazing that would feel!

-Later That Night-
You were now both on the floor, out of breath, and naked (we all see where that went lol). He smiled and said,
" felt...right."
You shot up and said,
"WHAT?! no way I was your first...your a rockstar...thats like beyond impossible."
He sat up and said,
"I've never trusted anyone enough to take that from yes baby, believe it or not, you are my first! I love you...uhh I mean...I know its early and all...but uhh I do think I love you."
You smiled, and kissed him, and both fell back down to the floor, and you stopped, looked into his gorgeous eyes and said,
"I love you too."

-3 months gone by-
It was your new friday night tradition to have him over for pizza and movies. Your mom grew to love him, and it was like your own happy family for once! Your mom even came out and told her secret love for his manager Jake Smith (dont ask, made up name). One friday night, you opened the door to not just Dahvie standing there, but also Jake! You smiled, and told your mom the door was for her, and she ran over and saw Jake standing there smiling with a dozen red roses for her. He said,
"I hear I've got a movie date with my #1 fan...I brought you some red roses."
She smiled, and took the roses from his hands, and they both came in. You all ate pizza together, laughing together and joking about anything that seemed funny. This was the perfect picture in your mind...finally you and your mom were both happy! After pizza, you guys watched your 3 movies for the night. Your mom and Jake fell asleep together on the floor, and you and Dahvie fell asleep together on the couch. When you woke up, you and Dahvie were alone, and you found a note on the table from your mom saying that Jake and her woke up early, and he took her out for the day. When Dahvie woke up he said he wanted to take you out as well. So you guys got ready.

-Later that day-
He took you down to a huge arena area, and he began setting up for one of the shows they were gonna play there in a few hours. Jake and your mom were there dancing around like maniacs. You danced to the background music, as Dahvie stayed up on stage setting up. He looked down at you and laughed and said,
"Haha babe, what in the world are you doing?"
You laughed and said,
"Well, I need to get used to being down here looking up at you...Jake told my mom he bought us V.I.P. tickets for the show tonight."
Dahvie smiled and jumped down off stage and walked over to you. He wrapped his arms around you, and whispered in your ear,
"Yeah, he did. The only difference, you wont be down here, you'll be backstage with me the whole time...I'm not putting the one I want into the crowd of girls who want me."
You smiled as he let go and kissed you gently. The kiss was so passionate. He let go and smiled, and then went backstage to get ready for the show coming up in only a short amount of time. After he got ready, you 4 all went out to a special dinner. He even had a suite for you and your mom and your own personal stylists in their to help pick out the perfect outfit, and to do your hair and make up so you both looked so perfect for the night. The show was about to begin, so they got back to the arena, and hung out with you backstage while preparing for the show. They started playing, and halfway through they stopped, and Jake walked out and said,
"I need to say something to a special someone. Honey, you know who you are back there...I think I'm falling in love with you, and I would like to be more then mine?"
Your mom ran out on stage, and jumped into his arms and said yes really loud! The crowd awed and cheered for them. The band played one more song, then Dahvie stopped and said,
"Well wasnt that just the cutest thing ever. Now its my turn though! Baby doll, come out here."
He told you to sit on an empty bar stool next to his. The band took a break and left the stage, you wondered what was going was you and Dahvie on 2 random stools in the middle of the stage. He grabbed his accoustic guitar, and sat down and took the mic and said,
"Now, I'm going to do something very different tonight. I am going to play a song not by our band. Its from a band called Saosin, and this is the song Your Not Alone, also me and ______'s song. I am going to play it for her accoustic."
He began strumming his guitar, and people silently sang with him. Your heart melted right then and there. This brang tears to your eyes. It was so special. After the song, he looked at you and said,
"Before you go back stage, and while the guys come back to get ready to continue the show, there is one more thing..."
He pulled something from his pocket, got on one knee, the crowd already cheering, and said,
"____, Marry Me?"
You gasped, and tears rolled from your eyes, and you said yes. As soon as he slipped the ring on your finger, you kissed, and then you went back stage again as their show continued.

-after the show that night-
He took you out to dinner at a fancy resturant, as well as Jake took your mom out to a different place. You couldnt take your eyes off of Dahvie, and he couldnt take his eyes off you. Every now and then you'd glance down at your ring and realize it was found your one and only and you were about to marry him and be his wife.

-2 years later-
You were walking down the aisle, your dress so white and beautiful. His eyes were glued to you as you walked down the aisle. You were standing up there, saying your vows, and just as the preacher said YOU MAY NOT KISS YOUR BRIDE you heard a cars tires screeching. Next thing you knew, shots were fired. You passed out, hit your head on something hard. Everyone was blacked out.

-a week later-
You woke up, feeling like you just had a bad dream, now a bad headache. Your best friend and your mom sitting next to you crying hard. They told you everything...
"Honey, we're sorry. This shouldnt have happened. The guys in prison, no probation. How are you feeling?"
Your mom mumbled through her tears. You tried to sit up, but got a little dizzy, so laid back down and cried,
"I'm fine, head hurts a little. What about Dahvie? How is he? Where is he?"
Your mom cried even harder, and your best friend took your hand, and a few tears raced down her cheek...she whispered,
"I'm sorry. He was the first one they shot. He didnt make it."
You held your breath in disbelief until your face was almost blue. Your mom made you breathe...that was the worst feeling you ever felt, and nothing you'd ever expected.

-2 days later-
You were released from the hospital, and went home, you told everyone you just wanted to go to bed, so you went to your room to sleep...or cry. As you laid there, you realized your head hurt worse then before. You never woke up...

-your death-
From when your head hit, it hit so hard that it caused bleeding to occur. The doctors missed it, and said you were fine, you didnt didnt want to live without Dahvie. Now your alive, and in the arms of Dahvie again...up in the skies of heaven...getting married again by the hands of God. Your life was better now then it ever was down on earth. You had 3 beautiful kids, and watched your family from up above until they all joined you in heaven. Life was perfect...dead and alive.