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The Hardest SpongeBob Quiz in History!
Quiz published April 26, 2010 · 115,515 takers
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SpongeBob's pet crab Gary forgot to eat what food at his birthday party?
On the episode "Roller Cowards", what is the ride they are afraid to go on called?
The episode "The Slumber Party" Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob to go spy on Pearl. What is the name of the "SpongeBob" that comes to the door?
When SpongeBob gets stuck in "Rock Bottom", what is the name of the carnival that SpongeBob and Patrick go to?
When SpongeBob sings FUN, what is NOT a line?
When Squidward byes a pie for SpongeBob, and it turns out tol be a bomb, what is the episode called?
What type of pie is it?
In the episode "Idiot Box" what is in the box?
When Squidward talks to Mr. Krabs about the pie, how many times did Krabs see it, and the hospital happen?
 Who is wormy?
 Squidwards arch enemy from high school is who?
 What color is his robe?
 On the episode "Whale of a Birthday", what is Pearl's statue made of?
 The magic conch shell has what type of voice?
 What is it made of?
 Who comes to save SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick?
 What is Mr. Krabs's first name?
 How many fingers does spongebob have?
 What is SpongeBobs key quote?

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