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Who is your perfect soul mate?
Quiz published May 7, 2010 · 25,181 takers
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Okay this is a girl/boy quiz so if you are a guy, you can only click on the answers that have the word guy in front of it otherwise your results might up end being that you attract the jock/football player. And girls, you do the same but only click on the answers that say girl in front of it. Okay here is the real question: what do you look for in a partner?
Okay this is your very first date with your special gal or guy! Where do you want to go for your first date? Once again, boys only choose the answer if it says guy in front of it and girls only choose the answer if is says girl in front of it
Choose one word to describe you.
How sporty are you?
What is your favorite color out of the following?
Choose a quote:
Last question: How sensitive are you to others feelings?
Okay this is a last question i know i lied. But this question does affect your answer so choose honestly! Will you pretty please comment with cherry and cool whip and icing and sprinkles on top? :) I like feedback whether compliments or improvements so i can edit this quiz and make it better!

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