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Organization xiii love story
Story published May 15, 2010 · 3 pages · 3,220 readers · 5,981 reads
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"If your going to scratch all over my carpet,at least do it somewhere else."i ssaid it angryly.(of course,your part cat.)as you went outside to look at the stars,you imagine the stars as your kind.(you always love the star.)then,you hear foot steps coming your looked left and right but,no one was there so,you looked back at the stars.then you fell pairs of arms,wrapped around your waist and something kissed you on the turned and you saw saix with a smirk on his loved saix ever since the day you met him by becoming a member.suddenly he spoke "i can tell that you love me and i certainly love you back.doesn't if your part cat,i still love you."you blushed lightly and said "thank you,saix.i do love you more than the moon and stars."he smiled and kissed kissed him back sweetly.few weeks later,you and saix went on a date by looking at the stars and imagining that your with saix in the sky.5 years later,you got married to saix and had three boys.
think what will happen next ;).