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Emo seven minutes in heaven, long results.
Story published May 31, 2010 · 4 pages · 3,538 readers · 7,453 reads
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You're at a party and everyone decides to play seven minutes in Heaven. Since you're best friend was the host she choose you to go first, trying to get you to be more outgoing since you don't go to too many parties as it is. You reach into the hat that held all of little random pieces and pulled back in pain. You touch a lit cigar bud. Everyone started to laugh, even your friend and you could feel the tears coming up but kept them in, and was about to leave when someone grabbed your hand and threw you into the closet.

Everything happened so fast, you got shoved in and banged your head against the wall. You friend ___ was knocking on the door, with a panicked voice. Nothing registered until you smelled the cigar fumes that filled the little room. Looking up all you could see was the lit end, and other than that and the opening at the bottom of the door, the room was dark.

Panic sunk in and you crawled into the pill of hanging winter coats. He sat down on a box and continued to smoke. He blew it in your face and you began to cough, he started to laugh and you recognized his voice.

"Sam?" Your heart began to race and sweat beads began to form on your forehead. ___ knocking stopped.

He smiled, and even in the dark you could tell he had beautiful, white teeth. How he kept them so nice even though he smoked so much you had no idea.

Sam used to be the most popular guy in school, captain of the football team and your first love. That was until he got caught up in drugs and cheated on you. After that you've just been left torn and vulnerable. The last time you saw him was when he was on top of you in the back of his truck the night you broke up with him. He didn't take it well and tried to force himself on you, luckily for you someone was jogging by and rescued you. You never trusted another guy after that.

"___," he began. "How are you?"

His voice was so calm, so calm that it made you mad. "How am I?" You spat at him, feeling the fear leaving your body and anger taking over. "You have the nerve to ask me what's wrong?"

He took another drag of his cigar and blew it in your face, it was then that you realized you were standing up. "You know what Sam? I'm better than you and better than this. I never want to see your face again." You reached for the door nob and he grabbed your wrist, hard.

"___ I can't let you do that." You tried to push him away but he was stronger, he now used both of his arms to keep you from moving, dropping the cigar down on the ground. "Do you realize what kind of a mess I've been in since you left? ___ I love you!"

You shake your head and held your breath, not wanting to breathe in his cigar breath. "Sam, we're over. Now, let me go."

"No!" He screamed and shoved you against the door. "I won't let you leave me." It was then that he pulled out a knife and stabbed you in the stomach.