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Vampire Love? Damon or Stefan Salvatore? (Girls Only)(Story)
Story published May 31, 2010 · 3 pages · 3,308 readers · 4,120 reads
Damon Salvatore
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Damon Salvatore

Walking home at 10pm from your friends house probably wasn't one of your best ideas, you should have let your friend take you home. Still, here you were walking slowly, the only light coming from the street lamps, bad news considering you have to walk through a pitch black alley.                                           You could sense eyes watching you from behind but just thought it was was your mind playing tricks on you, though you look around, freezing when you see a pair of frightening deep blue eyes staring at you. Your mind is telling you to run but you stay where you are, somehow you are compelled by these eyes. The eyes move forwards from the shadows and into the light of the street lamps, there you see him, a beautiful man, his face pale white and faultless. He smiles at you, moving towards you.                                                            Then it all goes cold and black. You wake up 5 hours later in a bedroom. That man staring at you from the edge of the bed, his eyes soft and sincere. He shook his head slowly in sadness then kept his head down. You sit up, your neck stinging, when you touch your neck you feel something wet, your blood. You spin your head round to the pillow and there's blood smeared on it. "I'm sorry" the man says. "You did this?" you ask. "Yes" he replys,his voice unsteady. For no reason you start to shake and close your eyes. Then you feel arms around you, "I'm Damon. Damon Salvatore" he introduce's himself. You just reply with your name, keeping your eyes closed. "Again I'm sorry" Damon says, kissing your hair. "What are you?" you asked, opening your eyes and looking in to Damon's eyes. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you" he reply's. "Test me" you say. "Vampire". "I believe you. What else would give me this" you laugh, pointing to your neck. "Let me clean that up" Damon says, dabbing your neck with a cloth from his bedside table.                                                                         I'd better take you home" he says, picking you up in his arms.                                                               When you arrive home, you walk in your house but Damon stays outside. "Aren't you coming in?" you ask. "I can't" he says. "Why?". "I need to be invited in" he says. "Oh. Well do you want to come in?" you say. Damon walks in then. Then you meet your mother, "Where have you been?" she asks. "I was with Damon" you say, looking up at Damon. "Oh. Well thank you for bringing her home" your mother says to Damon. "I'd better get going" he says, then whispers in your ear "wait for me in your room". You go up to your room to find Damon already there, sat on the chair next to one of your bedroom windows. "Could you have killed me?" you asked cautiously after shutting your door. "Yes" he replys. "Why didn't you?". "Because I guess I fell in love with you" he admits. "Oh". "And I can't be with you" he adds. "Because I'm human" you say. "Yes, I could hurt you". ""Well then make me like you" you whisper. "What?" he asks, bewildered. "You heard me". "Well, you'd have to feed on my blood, die, come back to life then feed on a human" he says. "I'll do it" You watch as Damon bites his own wrist and watch the blood come from his arm. You taste it then it all goes cold again. You wake up at night and see your now pale white skin ilumnate in the dark.                               You stay with Damon forever after feeding on a human.