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Are You a True ELF?
Quiz published July 18, 2010 · 4,763 takers
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What's Super Junior's color? 
How many members are there in Super Junior (not including the sub-groups sadly)? 
How many sub-groups are there?
Can you list the members (from oldest to youngest)? 
Which members have gotten into car accidents? 
How many full albums have they released (so far)? 
Who is the foreigner and where is he from? 
What is the date of their official debut? 
What song did they debut? 
 How many cities did their Super Show 2 tour? 
 Who's dad died back in 2006? 
 How many type A blood members are there in Super Junior? 
 In a live performance, someone has lost a shoe. Who was it? Do you remember which song they were singing?
 Who wore blue socks in the "Bonamana" music  video? 
 Which members use stage names? 
 Which two pairs were on "Intimate Note"? 
 Who were guests on Super Junior's "Exploration of the Human Body" and did Super Junior win any of the main events (if so, which ones)? 
 On idol army, what animals did the members take pictures with? 
  Who did not participate in "Attack of the Pin-Up Boys" at all?
  Name the three radio stations currently hosted by a Super Junior member and who hosts each one.
 What were the two group names in their mini-drama show? 
 On "Animal Farm", who's dog died? 
 In Super Junior "Full House" who called Anya a crocodile? 
 Who likes yadong? >.> 
 Who are the heaviest drinkers? (according to Arigang)
  EHB - What's the name of the dog that found the "criminals" of Super Junior?
 EHB - Are provoked tears more saline than emotional tears?

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