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Would a Vampire fall in Love with You?
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Summer holidays. Where do you spent them? 
One nice day, you are sitting on a park bench, relaxing. Suddenly you hear a strange sound- but it is only a couple, making out. What do you think? 
Finally, the summer holidays are over.
You want to go out, though.
When you look in your closet, what do you notice at first?
You are done with your make up. What kind of products did you use? 
So, your girlfriend takes you out for dinner. What do you choose? 
Suddenly you cut your finger. How do you react?  
"What are your favourite flowers?" Your friend asks after you licked your finger/vomited/ passed out. 
Your friend smiles, gives a shrug and goes to the bathroom. After some time you got tired of waiting and go to the bar, drinking a non-alcoholic cocktail.
From the corner of your eye you see a man who is incredibly handsome entering the restaurant. You turn around in hesitation.
He takes a seat right next to, sighing. You cannot take your eyes off of him. He notices it, looking back. 
His eyes are dark with a hint of redness in it. What do you say? 
After the two of you talked about some random stuff he asks you, if you want to take a walk and you agree. 
You stop. Now you are standing under an oak tree, watching the moon shine through the leaves. He looks deeply into your eyes, leans forward-and begins to kiss you passionately. 
The kiss is over. He looks at you with a strange expression on his face. 
"See you later." Then he disappears.
You walk home, alone and lost in thoughts.
You think about beautiful places...
Which of these places would you like to visit? 

Now it is time for some ... normal questions. ;)
What do you think you secretly long for?   
 What is your perception of beauty? 
 Did you ever get a transfusion?  
 Last but not least- did anybody ever said to you that you smell very good... or even delicious?  

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