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Akatsuki 7 minutes in heaven (For Girls and Really long resu
Story published July 25, 2010 · 5 pages · 22,993 readers · 62,466 reads
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You got Tobi!
"Uhm..12?" you say ..Then Tobi springs up ..You all sweatdrop and most everyone gives you a sympathetic looks..
"Tobi is a good boy!"
*Here goes nothing* you say a bit disappointed and you and Tobi went into the closet..
You sat on the floor, your knees pulled up to your chest and your arm resting on top of them, 
"Hello_____ your disappointed aren't you " A voice said,.. it was much more manly than Tobi's ,.. 
" Tobi?" say
"Yeah" the voice says again, was him,.
He sits down next to you ,.. you drop your knees and turn to him, you couldn't see him quite well, your eyes hadn't adjusted to the light yet. He took your hand and ran it across his face..
"No what you expected huh?" he said . You shook your head no. He laughed. You ran your hands over his cheeks and nose.. and his lips ..oh.. gosh ,..they were so soft,.. unbelievably soft. You ran your thumb over them again.
He gently kissed it, You face began to turn red.
You could see now..Tobi was... HOT!!!.. " oh wow" you said.
A smirk played at his lips. " Like what you see,___ - chan? He said.
You mumbled 'yes' and looked down.
He chuckled again and kissed you.
Oh God, his lips felt even better against yours, like feathers,..
You tangled your fingers in his black hair and pulled him closer to you, deepening the kiss.
He pulled away softly and hoped back,.. He winked at you and pulled his mask on.
The door opened then,.. Itachi came in.. " times up" ... he said blankly and left. You and Tobi stood up and exited the room.
"Tobi had fun with____ - chan!!!" Tobi said in his kid- voice again. You giggled. as you sat down, Tobi joined you.
And when no one was looking he whispered in your ear. " Lets keep this our little secret okay?" he said. You pretended to zip your lips.
So after the game was over and everyone was going to bed Tobi went to your room.
"Tobi!" you said happily,.. He shut the door softly and pulled off his mask,.. revealing that gorgeous face of his.
He pushed you back on the bed and began to suck on your neck. " T-Tobi!. You said surprised.
Lets just say you got the hickie for a while now (;