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Your Naruto Love Story (for girls)
Story published July 30, 2010 · 22 pages · 27,891 readers · 74,489 reads
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It’s a dark, cold night. You are sitting all by yourself beside a giant lake. You look at how the moon reflects off of the water. You started to cry. This was you and your ex’s favorite spot. Zack, (your ex) broke up with you just yesterday after 2 years. Why? Because there was someone else. “I never loved you. I just used you.” His words repeat over and over in your head, tears start rolling down your cheek and on to the ground, as you remember all of the great times you two had together. “Why?” You said to yourself. “What did I do to deserve this..?” You being to cry harder. You try to wipe away the tears but you continued to cry. You suddenly heard rustling behind you. “Who’s there?” You asked, still crying. Naruto walks out from the bushes. “______?” He asked surprised to see you crying. You’ve never let Naruto see you cry. You didn’t want him to think you were weak. You had a small crush on Naruto, but you told yourself it wasn’t
enough to start a relationship. “What do you....*sob*...want..Naruto...?” You asked, trying to hold back the tears, but it wasn’t working. He walked up to you and sat down next to you. “Why are you crying?” He asked. You decided not to try to lie to him, it would’nt work. “Zack... broke up with me...” You begin to cry harder, saying his name was too painful. “What!? ... No way...” He said. He looked down, then back up at you. “I’m sorry ______. I really am... No one deserves to be hurt like this...” He whispered kindly. “Thanks....” Your tears started to fade. Naruto was making you feel better. You looked at the water, the moons’ reflection. You could feel Naruto still looking at you. “_______....” He said gently. You looked up at him. “Yes?” He put his hand on your cheek, and began to wipe away your tears with his thumb. “A girl as pretty as you, does’nt deserve to cry over some idiot like him. He did’nt deserve you anyway...” You could tell he wanted to kiss you, and deep down inside you wanted to kiss him too, but you just ended a relationship yesterday. You were’nt ready do be in another one already. After he finished wiping away your tears, he gently kissed your forehead. You smiled and sighed. He stood up. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said in his cheerful voice. “Yeah..” You giggled. You watched him walk off into the woods. You stared up at the night sky. “Thank you, Naruto.”
The Next Day
You wake up the next morning, to see that you have one missed call on your cell phone. You check to see you it was...It was Naruto, he left you a voice-mail. You called your voice-mail... “You have one new message.” ... “Hey, _____. It’s me, Naruto. Haha... Anyway, can you meet me at the Konoha Bridge? You know, the one at the park? Anyway, meet me there at 7 okay? If you don’t come, I’ll understand...Talk to ya later.” Click. You looked at the clock above your bed....It was only 11am...You had plenty of time to get ready and met Naruto...But did you want to? You know he likes you, and you know what he’s most likely gonna ask you at the bridge...and you know you like him too. It’s just that you were just in a relationship. You were scared to get hurt again.
7pm that day
You walk up to Naruto at the bridge. He smiles at you. “I’m glad you came!” He said. You just giggled. “So what’s this about?” You asked. “_____, I...I like you...alot...You probably already knew that though haha....” Yeah, I already knew...You wanted to say that but you couldn’t. You let him continue. “I know you were just in a relationship and all...but...I would never hurt you like he did...” He looked down at the water below. “I really do like you, please tell me what you think of me...” You didn’t talk for a minute. You were trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. “...Naruto, I...I like you too...But as you said, I was just in a relationship...I..don’t want to get hurt again...” You waited for his reply. He kept staring at the water. “I wouldn’t do what he did...The other night, when you were crying, you have no idea how bad it hurt me to see you cry like that. I would never make you cry.” You wanted to cry then, hearing him say that it hurt him. But you fought it. “I...don’t know...what to say, Naruto.” He looked up at you. His eyes were bluer than the water below. You couldn’t help but stare into them. Pretty, you thought. He grabbed your hand. “Come with me. I want to show you something.” Before you could say anything, he was already walking, taking you with him. He stopped, looked at you, and pulled out a blind fold. “Here.” He put it on you. “Where are you taking me?” You asked once you two started walking again. “You’ll see.” He said, and that was the end of the conversation for 10 minutes. “We’re here.” He said. You took off the blind fold and looked up. You saw him, and behind him was the view of the mountains surrounding the village. The sun was setting far off, right between two mountains in front of you. It made the sky look orange-pink. And you could see the whole village from here. “Where is this place?” You asked, still taking in the sights. “This is my spot. It’s on top the top of the tallest mountain. Pretty, isn’t it?” He said, he stepped back to stand beside you. “It’s beautiful...” You said, still looking at the sunset. “We can share it, together.” He looked at you, and you looked at him. “But I...” You didn’t know what to do. He put his finger on your lips. “I know...” He moved his hand up to your cheek, and before you knew it, he was kissing you. You closed your eyes and kissed him back. He stopped, and you two looked into each other’s eyes. “_____, be mine...forever...” He whispered gently. “Yes...” You whispered back. You two kissed again. You spent the night on the mountain together.
2 years in relationship
You’re 6 months pregnant with his child. “Hey, _____!” You heard Naruto call out from the other room in your newly bought house. “Yes?!” You called back. You see him walk in to the living room, which was where you were. He took your hand and said “Come with me. Oh, and put this on.” He tossed you the blind fold. 10 minutes later... “Okay, we’re here.” You took the blind fold off and saw the sun setting and him kneeling in front of you. “______, my one. My only...” He pulled out a small box and opened it. You saw a beautiful diamond ring. “Will you marry me?” He asked. You started to cry with tears of joy. “Yes!” He smiled from ear to ear, putting the ring on your finger, then jumped up and kissed you. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you too.” You whispered back. 3 months later, you two had a little girl named _____. And had a happy, wonderful life.