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Do You Want A New Hair Cut? Take This Quiz!
Quiz published August 9, 2010 · 18,018 takers
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Simple: Long hair, Short Hair, Medium Hair, or Really Short Hair.
How long have you had your current hair cut?
Sadly, you fried your hair durring a new color test-out to see if you could pull off a dark color. On the bright side, you can't see split ends very well on a dark color. Be daring. What do you want to do with your hair?
OKAY, so schools coming up, and you want to look HOT. Pick a style you would like your hair to be, and at the end of the test whatever you picked will be what you get. But it's not like getting married, you dont have to say 'yes'. Just go to some stupid web site full of hair styles that just branch from the basics and (surprise!) one of the ones I selected for you to chose, just in a differnt style.
Do you know your face shape? if so, what would go good with your face? if not, find out!
Last one. Pick what you'd least expect your hair cut to be.

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