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Which Mass Effect 2 character are you?
Quiz published August 15, 2010 · 7,356 takers
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You have taken down a few waves of Blue Suns mercs, making your way to the final room. Beyond the door is your target, but you need a plan to get in. How should you go about eliminating the enemy?
Collectors are attacking the Normandy, what do you do?
Krogans are adapting the Genophage and rioting against your squad. What do you do to make them stop?
You are interrogating a supposed "terrorist". How do you go about getting the information?
A Quarian's credit chit was taken and kept by a store keeper, who tells you the Quarian had given it to him as a gift. How do you support the Quarian or Salarian Shop Keeper?
You have found a few Batarians smuggling red sand. They threaten to kill you if you do anything or tell authorities. How do you resolve this without being killed?

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