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Naruto love stories- find your love here (girls only)
Story published August 24, 2010 · 7 pages · 7,428 readers · 13,783 reads
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you got Gaara of the sand! ~how you met~ when you and Gaara was born you two were exactly the same exept from the 1-tailed beast. one day, you and Gaara got set a mission which was to retrieve a summoning scroll.
Someone days later~
you and Gaara took that mission and set off. after 2 days of tracking you found the enemy it was Sasuke Uchiha. you and Gaara was shocked but Gaara immmediatly attacked. "GAARA!" you said worrying. Sasuke says "Chidori!" "NO GAARA!". Gaara got thrown from Chidori but luckily you caught him. couincidence? you being very angry attacked Sasuke. Sasuke knocked you out.
~3days later~
with no food or water you found Gaara lying next to you, you immediatly thought he was dead so you kissed him on the lips and told him your feelings. after a minute Gaara woke up. you were confused... " Gaara... I" " do you... love me?" he replied. " i do!". Gaara was shocked but he gently kissed you on the lips. you kissed back and after a minute you escaped from the Akatsuki clan hideout. you held each others hands and never looked back.
~11 years later~
you and Gaara get married and have kids. the son looked exactly like Gaara. when you two get to the age of 84 you die in your sleep. Gaara killed himself but before he went he did the same thing as what you did 11 years ago. he kissed you on the lips and told you how he felt.