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Naruto Love Story.
Story published August 27, 2010 · 43 pages · 19,430 readers · 84,777 reads
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*The Story*
"Man, I'm starving." You thought and decided to head to your favorite place to eat. Ichiraku Ramen. You saw a familiar blond haired kid and decided to pull a little prank. "Hāremu no Jutsu." You had perfected Narutos technique, although he didn't know yet, he was about to find out. You walked into Ichirakus and sat down right next to Naruto. "One extra large miso ramen, extra pork please." You ordered, knowing it was Narutos favorite. As you expected, he dropped his chopsticks and looked over at you. His jaw dropped. "Oh, hello there." You say smiling sweetly. "H...H..Hi." Naruto barely managed to get out. There was some small talk while you ate, nothing too exciting, just him staring at you. After you finished eating and went to pay, Naruto paid for you. Your plan went exactly as it should have. "Oh thank you so much!" You blushed a little and kissed him on the cheek. As you went to walk away, he came up and stopped you. You couldn't hold it anymore, you burst out laughing. "Huh, whats so funny?" Naruto asked. You released your jutsu. His jaw dropped, which made you laugh even more. "WHAT!" Naruto yelled, stunned. "You totally fell for it!" You laughed. "Awe, c'mon ____ that wasn't nice." Naruto sulked. "What, is it really that disappointing that it was me?" You asked, pretending to be upset, well, over exaggerating how upset you really were. You were kind of upset, you had always really like Naruto. After seeing the expression on your face, he stopped sulking and tried to speak, but you didn't let him. "Well, uh, thanks for the meal. See you later." You tried to smile and act normal but you were pretty sure it wasn't very convincing. You walked home, not really sure what to do. After spending some time at home you got really bored. You went for a walk, while you were walking you could have sworn that someone was following you. But you really didn't care. You walked a little bit further and then saw a big tree overlooking a small lake and you decided to sit down and rest for a bit. "Ugh, I'm so stupid! Why didn't I just tell him!" You said out loud, to yourself, well you thought it was to yourself. "Tell who what?" Came a voice from above you. You looked up to see Naruto standing upside down on a tree branch. You're first thought was horror, you cant believe you slipped up like that. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE!" You screamed so loud he lost his footing and landed right in your lap. Before you knew it you were blushing like mad and trying to hide your face. He looked up realizing where he had landed and he didn't move. Although you didn't really want him to move, you didn't want to blow your secret. "Um Naruto? Could you maybe move please?" You asked, he looked down and then back at you and then before you knew it he was kissing you. You were too stunned to do anything, and then it was over. You looked at Naruto, he was blushing like crazy, and you were pretty sure you were to. "What was that!" you asked Naruto. "I...I love you ____. I'm sorry if I crossed any lines or.." You cut him off with another kiss. In between kisses he asked you to go out with him. You agreed.
*Later in the Relationship*
After spending all of last night in the bathroom, you decided that it was a good time to go to the hospital. You were glad that Naruto was out on a mission for a few days,he was expected back tonight. He was very overprotective. Sakura spent the night with you, holding your hair back while you were throwing up, among other things. She helped you to the hospital. After a few tests the nurse came out. "Congratulations. Your one month pregnant!" Your jaw dropped and Sakura couldn't have looked happier. "P..p..pregnant? What? What am I gonna tell Naruto! A baby would just get in the way!" You started to panic, you were glad Sakura was there. "Awe, don't think like that ____ I'm sure he will be happy!" Her words were reassuring, but still you werent so sure. Later that night Naruto walked through the door. You made ramen for dinner. While sitting down eating, Naruto noticed how silent you were. "Something wrong ____?" He looked very concerned, so you decided to tell him the truth. "Well, no, but... Naruto, what do you think about kids?" You hoped he understood, he was so simpleminded sometimes. "You're pregnant? I'm gonna be a dad?" You thought he looked mad. "Its...fine if you don't want it...ill understand if you leave." You say quietly knowing thats exactly what he was thinking. "You think I would actually leave you ___? I love you, more than anything. You are everything to me. A baby will just make life more perfect. I HAVE TO GO TELL EVERYONE! BELIEVE IT!" After his little speech he got up and ran out the door screaming "I'm gonna be a daddy! Believe it!"  You had to laugh. Before the night was over everyone knew. 8 months later you had a beautiful baby girl.
*The Future*
"Hey ____ would you come downstairs please?" You heard Naruto call from the couch. You walked downstairs to see a whole bunch of your friends in your living room. "Whats going on here?" You ask Naruto, suspicious. "_____ I love you so much I always have and I always will. Will you marry me ____?" You couldn't have been happier, you jumped into Narutos arms and said "Yes!" all your friends clapped and whistled.
You ended up having another baby, a boy this time. He grew up to be the Hokage and his sister was an amazing medical nin, and she frequently trained with Shizune. Naruto died in your arms at the age of 88, you followed along 7 years later.