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Are You a Gymnast? (Girls Only)
Quiz published August 29, 2010 · 2,633 takers
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When walking through the mall, you see a nail spa which is having manicures done or 50% off, you...
You see some cute boys playing football out in the field, some are your friends (brothers) and they call you over, you....
Can you handle intense pain all over your body?
Can you last four hours while two judges watch your routines on each of the four events?
Can you handle extreme critisism from a coach or teacher in front of the whole class?
Are you flexible?
Can you manage walking, running, leaping, jumping, and turning on a four foot tall, four inch wide beam?
Can you last throughout a minute and a half of dancing and three passes of intense tumble, while keeping your eyes up and forcused on the skills?
Do you think you can last over two minutes on two uneven wooden bars, twisting, turning and jumping between them, while your hands are burning in leather grips? (plz tell the truth!)
 Can you last 4-5 hours in a leotard, without picking a wedgie, while everyone can see half of your butt?
 Do you think you can manage running full speed at a stationary object, nailed to the floor with a bouncey spring-board in front of it?

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