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7 minutes in emo heaven [GIRLS ONLY]
Story published September 23, 2010 · 5 pages · 928 readers · 1,816 reads
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You pick out a piece of paper from the hat. "Mike?" Mike stands up and pulls your hand. He takes you into the closet. You realize he seems a bit eager. He pushes you up against the wall and starts kissing you. You push him away. "Get off me!" "Awh, come on!", He says. "No! You haven't said two words to me.. You don't even know my name.", You say. "Fine, What is your name?" "Heather, But you wouldn't know that because you started kissing me without any warning." "I'm sorry, is it okay if i kiss you?" "..I.. I.. I guess..." "Great!!" He starts kissing you again. Taking advantage. He swiftly moves his hands from his sides to your waist. He lifts up your shirt and pushes you against the wall. You push him off. "Whats wrong now!?", he asks. "YOU!", You say. Meanwhile the door opens. "Doesn't look like you guys are having to much fun. Haha.", My friend Brittany says. You give her a dirty look and quickly move out of the closet. Meanwhile the party goes on and you quit playing '7 minutes in heaven'. Then you see mike staring at you from across the room. You look at him disgusted. Later on you hear news that mike was arrested. That will teach him! Creep! The party soon gets over and your staying the night at Brittany's. You and a few other close friends are up talking about the party. You ask Brittany why Mike got arrested. She simply says, "He raped a girl before he came to the party.. Then he came here.. The girl told the police and now hes going to jail for a looonggg time. Its what that pig deserves! I'm sorry that you had to be in that closet with him for 7 minutes.." Wow! That's what he deserves!