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Story published October 7, 2010 · completed · 101 pages · 19,537 readers · 58,309 reads
Alex: Black Veil B
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Alex: Black Veil Brides- Knives And Pens ♥

About You: 

When you were 14 you fell out with your best friend Alex, ever since then you guys have hated eachother, it has been 2 years now and you guys still hate each other, to make things worse you guys lived next door to eachother, and you parents are best frinds with his, so you still see him a lot. 


You where walking through the school halls, you had just come out of english, it was your favourite subject, you loved writing, stories, poems sometimes even song lyrics, just what ever came to you. You were walking back to your locker when you approched it there where pieced of paper attached to it, which read things such as ‘Go Kill Youself’ or ‘EMO, go cut yourself’, anger boiled inside of you and ripped them off and threw them to the floor and slammed you locker door shut. You knew Alex and his Pr*ck head of friends did this, it was their fault you guys fell out in the first place, once he started hanging out with them, he changed. You got so angry that you just walked through the campus, and out the gates. You only had 2 more hours of school and one was a free lesson and the last one was art, so you didn’t care you just walked off, you walked to the old train station.

At The Train Tracks: 

You walk though one of the tunnels, whcih was filled with graffiti filled walls, you loved to come here, most of the time it was quite, except from the odd train here or there passing by. You stood against the wall thinking, tears came to your eyes as you remembered it was Alex and yourself who had found this place. You sank against the wall and placed your head in your hands for a few moment s before getting out your note book and started writing in it.

The Walk Home: 

You desided you should get home as it would be dark in a few hours, you put you ears buds in and started to walk, you were reading the poem you wrote and the station and you were almost home when a silver car pulls up next to you and Alex gets out, walks up to you and tries to grab your note book, after yelling and some pushing he grabbed your note book got bakc in the car and you stood there yelling as they drove off.
You continued to walk home, when you got to your house you noticed that Alex’s car was not in the drive way yet, you walked through the doors and also noticed your parents were not in, you didn’t even care, you just ran up to your room, and slammed the door, you started to tear things off your wall and throw things of you selves, after sitting down on your bed with your head in your hands, and screaming into them. Next thing you know your door opens and Alex walks in, throws your note book and you and walks back out of your house, you pick it up off the floor and begin to write...

Alex's P.O.V

After taking _______’s note book I sat on the car and began to read while my friend drove, most of them were poems, stories or lyrics, I read most of them. They were all about love, loss of friendship, anger, hate, hey were all about me, the emotion in them was so strong I almost cried, but kept on a smug smile so my friends didn’t turn on me, I couldn’t believe that I have made her feel all this, no wonder she stopped being my friend. Some how my friends managed to convince me to go throw the note book back at her, so I did, it only made me feel worse. I only lived next door so I walked home, went up to my room and began to draw, I loved drawing, after a while I realised _______’s face started to appear on the paper, not only her face but mine, and we were kissing. I flick back through the other pages in my note book, and began to shed a few tears, they were all of _______. I loved her, and she hates me...

Your P.O.V

After reading your newly finished poem, you flicked through the pages, you stoped at what once was a blanc page, to see ‘I’M SORRY’ wrote in big letters, in Alex’s handwriting. Now that got you angry, the fact that he didn’t even have the nerve to say it to your face. You got up off the chair and stormed out the house and up to his, you knocked ont he door, when Alex opened the door he was shocked, he was about to say something when you slapped him. The pure shock on your face was enough of a reward, as your tried to walk away he grabbed your hand.
Alex: ‘What the hell was that for?’
You showed him the ‘I’m sorry note’
You: ‘You think that you can make my life hell, and then not even have the nerve to say I’m sorry to my face, you coward’
Alex: *Sigh* ‘I am sorry though _______, I didn’t mea to be so horrible to you, at first I wanted to be accepted and when they started to bully you, so did I, i wanted to stop after I realised how must I love y... love you’
You: ‘You what?’
Alex: ‘I love you ______, and I knwo you hate me, but I really hope some day you will find it in your heart to forgive me.’
You: ‘I do forgive you, maybe ll to easily but thats onyl because... I love you too.’
Alex grabbed your hand and pulled you up to his room, you were so confussed, he pulled ut a sketch pad and showed you it, you opened it and saw most of the were of you, you then stopped at the on of you and him kissing, you looked up and him and saw him blushing, you went to kiss his cheek but he moved his head to and your lips locked, everything seemed so perfect.

Thanks For Reading
And For All The Support - Candice <3

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