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Halloween Love Stories
Story published November 25, 2010 · completed · 20 pages · 12,198 readers · 30,996 reads
Grim ♥
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Grim ♥

The Grim Reaper

About You: You loved Halloween, it was the best time of year dressing up and going round houses getting treats, sure you might be a bit old for that but why try go up to fast, you loved being a ‘kid’ and you loved trick or treating.

Halloween Night: You were dressed up as a fairy, wings and all as you grabbed your bag and went to meet your friends, you walked down those long narrow streets that you had walked down so many times before, but something didn’t seem right... like you were being followed, you quickened your pace, but before you knew it, you were pulled into a dark ally and thrown against a wall, you hit you head of the bricks falling to the floor, you put your hand to your head pulling it away and finding a red liquid on your fingers, blood. You tried to stand up but you felt fuzzy, the next thing you know someone was pushed up against you, you looked into their eyes, they were cold and evil like those of a killer.
The Man: ‘Scream and your dead got it’
You nodded unable to speak.
The Man: ‘I said got it’
he slapped you, you face stung as you let out a whimper as he then pushed you back against the wall hitting your head again you let out a blood curdling scream, then a sharp pain went through your body, you looked down at your stomach, a knife, you fell to the ground,
The Man: ‘I told you not to scream’
With that he ran off leaving you to die in the ally.
You held your hands to your stomach as blood seeped through and you went black.
Stood, yes stood you were stood looking over a dead boy, your dead body. Laid in a blood of blood your body was cold and lifeless, a tear ran down you face as you looked down at yourself, stood there, just stood.
You: ‘I’m dead...’
???: ‘Ohh well that’s saves me a job’
You turned around to see a boy in a long black cloak and a list in his hands.
You: ‘Who are you?’
????: ‘I- I am the Grim reaper, I look after the lost souls of people who die’
You: ‘So I really am dead?’
Grim Reaper: ‘Yup, sadly... you never got a chance to even have a full life’
You walked over to him.
You: ‘So what now?’
Grim Reaper: ‘Well I take you to.. *looks at list* Heaven’
You: ‘I don’t want to go’
Grim Reaper: ‘What do you mean?’
You: ‘I want to wait, see my family one last time, and see what happens to my body, I’m not leaving it till I know it’s safe.’
Grim Reaper: ‘I can understand that, but I will have to stay with you, till in which time you are ready to move on’
You nodded, and sat down next to your body, you phone started to you off, you looked at it, Amanda, you best friend, you couldn’t answer it though, and you were a ghost.
Grim Reaper: ‘I know this is hard for you’
You: ‘How?’
Grim Reaper: ‘I died once myself you know, I was never always like this, and I got killed, by my father, he beat me to death, and now death be thy name.’
You: ‘How did you become the Grim Reaper?’
Grim Reaper: ‘When I moved on, I was asked to look after the lost souls’
You: ‘Who asked you?’
Grim Reaper: ‘Who do you think?’
You lifted you head looking at the sky, nodding at him.
You stood up next to him, looking at his eyes, you pulled down his hood and saw a very gorgeous boy, he was defiantly no skeleton like you predicted. You just stared at him.
You: ‘The grim reaper’
Grim Reaper: ‘Call me Grim’
You: ‘Grim...’
Then you heard a noise, you turned around to see a bunch of girls walk down the alley, stopping at your body, one fell to the ground, crying... Amanda.
You walked up behind her putting your hand on her shoulder; somehow you knew she could feel it.
You: ‘I’ll be safe with her’
You watched as she got out her phone and called the police and an ambulance, you watched as they arrived and took you body, you followed it, you sat in the hospital room, as watched as your friends and family surrounded your body crying, you walked around the room, kissing each one on the cheek before leaving the room.
Grim: ‘You ready’
You: ‘Nope’
Grim: ‘What now’
You: ‘Well... I don’t want to leave you’
Grim: ‘What?’
You: ‘It must be so hard, looking after dead souls, and although it sounds weird I can feel a connection between us, don’t make me go, don’t make me leave you, I can see it in your eyes, you don’t want me to go.’
Grim: ‘*sigh* There is no fooling you is there.’
You shook you head, walking up to him and taking his hand.
Grim: ‘We are breaking so many rules by doing this’
You: ‘I’m dead, what do I care about rules for’
Grim: ‘You have a point’
You: ‘Let me help you, let me feel like I still have a purpose’
Grim: ‘Fine...’
You: ‘Yes’
For years you helped Grim look after lost souls, helping them move on to the afterlife, and though those years you fell for him, and he fell for you. Yes you were breaking the rules but who cares, you became deaths wife, and he was you Grimmy.

Thanks For Reading
And For All The Support - Candice <3

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