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InuYasha Seven Minutes In Heaven
Story published December 4, 2010 · 7 pages · 12,261 readers · 38,926 reads
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Congrats you got the half demon hotty InuYasha!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hat gets passed around to you and you pull out a necklace with fangs on it. You slowely hold it up knowing exactly who you got.

InuYasha sighed and got up. "Do I really have to do this?" He asked moodily.

"Yes!" Everyone shouts in reply.

"Okay okay already." He spat storming into the closet. You follow slowly afraid of what was going to happen. As the door locks behind you a voice shouts. "Seven minutes!"

You shudder. "Um InuYa-" You begin but he interupts you.

"What are you scared of me or somethin'?" He smirks.You look down at your feet. "You are scared of me. That's stupid! I wouldn't hurt a human like you."

You look up at him and say, "really?" He nods and you smile. "Then i guess we should get this kiss over with so we don't have to be in here again."

He takes your suggestion and kisses you lightly. You gasp. "I didn't think he could be this gentle." You think as you lean into him and kiss him back. He quickly draws his tongue over your bottom lip asking for entry. You except and you to end up making out until time is called. When you walk out you smile politely at InuYasha as you two move to sit together on the couch.