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InuYasha Seven Minutes In Heaven
Story published December 4, 2010 · 7 pages · 12,140 readers · 38,427 reads
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Congrats you got Kouga or wolfy lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the hat stops you roll your eyes at everyone and stick your hand in the hat slowly you pull out a dog treat. "Huh?" You ask looking at InuYasha who laughs. Then at Sesshomaru who just turns his head and said, "you wish." Then your gaze came to a rest on Kouga who had gotten bored and began listening to music. InuYasha punched him and pointed at you.

Kouga stood up stretched and walked over to you retreaving the dog treat with his mouth before pulling you along with him into the closet. "Seven minutes you two." They say outside as they shut and lock the door.

Kouga yawns loudly and looks at you. "Hey," he says extending his hand. "I'm Kouga."

You take his hand in your own and shake it. "I'm _______." He nods and brings you in closer to him you wrap your arms around his neck. And he kisses you lightly and when you don't pull back he kisses you harder and more passionately. Slowly and deliberately he lifted up your shirt enough to show your stomach.

He took off his shirt and pressed himself against you with his arms wrapped around your waist. He then abandoned your mouth and began kissing your neck searching for your soft spot when he found it he licked, nibbled and sucked it making you moan loudly.

When he finally went back to your mouth he ran his tongue across your bottom lip asking for entry. You accepted and he made you two lay on the ground with you under him. You two where about to take it up a notch when you heard knocking on the door and a voice yelling, "times up!"

Kouga walked out of the closet with his arms wrapped around your shoulders and you two got a room to continue what you had started. You stopped him though before it got to far and he understood you two began going out and eventually got married.