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Ouran High School Host Club; 7 Min. in Heaven! (Girls Only)
Story published December 10, 2010 · 4 pages · 10,150 readers · 38,315 reads
Ootori Kyouya
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Ootori Kyouya

As you choose your last choice... "Oh, that's me." Kyouya says. Tamaki glares at Kyouya, then goes to his emo corner. "Lucky Kyouya...He stole my...little girl." Kyouya starts to smirk. Before you could say anything, Hunny pushed you guys into the closet. "Have fuun~" He slammed the door shut. As you sit down against the wall, Kyouya sits next to you. "You know, since you came to Ouran, you seemed to change the lives of the hosts." He picked up a strand of your hair. "Including me." He brushed it behind your ear. "O-ootori..." You mumble blushing intensly. He holds your face and starts kissing you intensely. You fall back, Kyouya on top of you. After 7 minutes...You guys are still in there. -______-" Kaoru looks at Hikaru, curious. "Do you think...?" Tamaki turns Honey has no clue on what's happening, so he opens the door. "Lets find out!" He cheers. After the door opens, Honey's smile fades away. Hikaru and Kaoru: WHAT THE HELL, KYOUYA?! Tamaki: My....My little girl. *Dies* Mori: .... Honey: ....? As the hosts stare at you, you blush intensely. Your shirt's riding up, and your fly's open. You stand up, and storm down the hallway, embarrassed. Kyouya follows, and when he catches up to you, he grabs your arm gently. It'd be a slow motion moment.... :D He grabs you by the shoulders, then kisses your fore-head. "I guess I'll see you later," He says, winking.