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Your celebrity love story!
Gregg Sulkin
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Gregg Sulkin

You are at a bowling alley. And all of a sudden, you hear a CUTE British accent behind you saying "Hello love, it's been a long time." You turn around and he says "Oh, I'm sorry. My mistake. I thought you- I thought you were someone else. You look a lot like her." He sits  down and almost starts to cry. You say "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" He shakes his head 'no'. You sit next to him and ask what's wrong. He replies "Well, you looked like this girl who cheated on me a couple months ago. And I never fully got over her." You comfort him and take him to your house and say "If it helps, I'd never do what she did, especially not to someone of your beauty and flawlessness." He looks at you and you two kiss. You fall madly in love and get married. You give birth to 5 kids. 3 boys and 2 girls. Congrats! You got an insanely hot British guy!