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Harry Potter 15 Minutes in heaven!
Story published December 19, 2010 · 7 pages · 16,313 readers · 35,303 reads
Harry Potter
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Harry Potter

You pull out a picture of a very happy couple. You ask quietly "uhmm...a picture of a couple, anyone?" not to your surprise, Harry gets up and leads you into the closet. The man in the picture looks exactly like him! You hear the closet door lock behind you. The closet is surprisingly roomy, with a red and white couch in the middle of the room. You go to sit down with Harry, and hand back his picture. "Harry, are these you parents?" you ask "uh yeah, thanks." He sat there staring at the picture for what seemed like forever. Finally, he stood up and pocketed the photo. "Look,______, I know you probably haven't noticed, but I really like you. Your gorgeous. And if you don't want to do anything in here, that's fine with me, I feel lucky to be with you." Your heart just about stops. You've liked Harry since your first year at Hogwarts. "Harry, I like you too! I've just been too shy to tell you!" You looked into each others eyes for awhile. His eyes were ecstatic with energy. He sat down next to you and just when you were going to say something, he kissed you. You felt his surprisingly warm lips against yours, which made your heart melt. His lips left from yours and you leaned your head against his chest. He rubbed your face with his gentle finger. Just as he was going in for another kiss, I walk in on you saying "TIMES UP!!!" Then, I said "Awww! You guys look so cute together!"


You and Harry break up after 2 years of dating. Harry left you for Ginny. You and Harry are still good friends, but you can't help but feel jealous when he and Ginny are together. Harry saves you in battle of Hogwarts, and kisses you on the forehead after he sets you down.