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1 night in emo heaven *long results*[updated!]
Story published December 21, 2010 · 5 pages · 12,544 readers · 21,756 reads
Answer [The Best F
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Answer [The Best Friend]

You arrive at my house around 7 p.m. I answer the door and tell you that we are playing 1 night in emo heaven so pick a room :). Of course you say, "I'll take the kitchen." "All you think about is food!" I laugh. You walk into the kitchen to find your best guy friend Answer sitting on the counter. "Hey Answer!" You smile. "Hey ____, whats up?" He answers "Nothing much, so what are we gonna do for the rest of the night buddy?" You ask. "Hmm.. We could make cookies :D" He suggests. You nod and go to grab everything you'll need. --- Once the two of you have put the cookies in the oven to bake you lean against the fridge and sigh. " Now what?" You laugh. Suddenly his eyes look more serious than before. "Whats wrong Answer?" You ask feeling kind of worried. He says nothing but walks toward you. "Answer..." You were cut off by his lips pressing to yours. For a second you were shocked then you calmed down and kissed back. He pulls away and looks at you. "____, I've been wanting to say this for a while.. I love you." Tears form in your eyes and roll down your cheeks. "Really?" You ask. "With all my heart, ever since the day I met you I thought you were the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen." You start crying a lot and hug him. "Answer, I love you too." You tell him. He smiles and kisses you again. Then he licks your neck softly then bites you. You moan quietly as he slowly and gently rubs your back and kisses your neck and back up to your lips. You try to take off your shirt, but he stops you. "____, no I want to take things slow, okay?" You agree and he starts making out with you. You suddenly pull away, " I smell something burning.." You say. "The cookies!!" He exclaims. You both run to the oven and take them out. Your both laughing so hard. At the end of the night he walks you home and kisses you goodnight.


A few years later you are at the park and he is pushing you on the swing (he loves to push you on the swing♥) "Answer, I have something to tell you.." You say. "What is it my love?" He asks. You hop out of the swing and look him in the eyes. "I'm pregnant." You smile. His eyes widen and tears run from his eyes. "Oh my God!! ____, we're having a baby?!" He lifts you up and spins you. You laugh. He puts you down. "Well, I actually had something to ask you.: He said. "Yes?" You say. He pulls out a small, black box and gets down on one knee. "____, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you... Marry me?" He asks. Tears stream from your eyes and you say yes..


You two get married and have 2 kids a boy named Answer after his dad and a girl named Harmony. Yay :]]