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7 mins in heaven! Yugioh GX
Story published December 28, 2010 · 4 pages · 3,753 readers · 14,714 reads
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Alrighty everybody knows the drill. You stick you hand it the hat and pull out...
Winged Kuriboh!!! Which can only mean one thing. "C'mon lets go have some fun!" Jaden shouts as he grabs your hand. You into the closet together and sit down on the bed. You guys talk for a while but then things start to get serious O-o
"Hey Jay," you being to say "Yeah what's up?" "I really like you." you say blushing. "Yeah I like you too!" Jaden grins. You giggle. "No. I mean LIKE you..." you add slightly lowering your voice. Jaden seems more serious now. "Yeah well I LIKE you too" he says and then leans over and kisses you!!!!! You kiss for the rest of the time in the closet and you kiss even more when you get out!!

After many years of dating, Jaden finally pops the question! You have a winter wedding and end up having a son!! Lucky you!!!!!  
=) Lets see who you got0018