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Gaara Love Story!
Story published February 1, 2011 · 4 pages · 1,203 readers · 1,063 reads
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you are: Yume Aizawa 

And you lived in the sand village,
As a child you were always fascinated with sand throughout your life,and you were very surprised to see Gaara of the Desert for the first time.
Its was going back to when you were a child,you saw kids playing at the park,and you always did since you played with sand alot outside.

While those kids were playing ball,they lost it,and they knew they couldn't get it,since it was up high,too high to reach.Then suddenly,sand came up from the air and carried the ball down,like a cloud.You knew who it was that did so,Gaara.You saw him there,alone in his swing set,holding a teddy bear close to him.He was the one who returned the ball,
But all the other kids were frightened,and tried their best to run away from him as quickly as possible.
Only you stayed,you knew the reason why he was always alone,he didn't have friends,and so he was sad.
You slowly approached him,but you were not afraid,even though you had no idea what he was.
Gaara actually looked up,with a large amount of surprise on his face,because you were the only one who stayed.
"Y-your..Gaara..of the desert,aren't you?"
He stared at you,but he responded
"Well,Uh,im yume"
He still stared in astonishment
"No one would dare to approach me.why did you?"
He made you shy by the second.
"I don't care what anyone says,I wan't to be your friend"
His eyes widened,more than ever.
Was all he could say,but from then on,he became your closest of friends.

(Skipping to 8 years later)
You still lived in the sand village,Thinking everyday that you wouldn't make it,with out gaara around that is.
There was one month left until the next chuunin exams,and you know gaara already took it,but you didn't until a year later.You heard from Gaara about how it was both easy and complicated,your feelings where starting to cram in your head.
You were out on a hot,and sandy,day out on the sand village with Temari,she became close to you after she found out how well you acted with gaara.
"So Yumi,still nervous about the chuunin exams?"
"Yes,Temari,I can't even imagine how it's going to be,I may not be strong enough."
"Hey,don't think that,your jutsus are great,I guarantee  that you will pass the chuunin exams,don't worry!"Temari always made you feel better,it was still a bit of a wonder about how her and gaara were related,no offense.And kankuro too. XD
"You should go ask gaara about it,maybe he will change your mind."
You thought about it,but how could you be so sure,maybe it was as hard as it was for gaara as hard it might be for you,but you couldn't resist the urge of asking someone,ANYONE,about the chuunin exams,Gaara would probably reassure you everything was going to be alright.
You bit your lips still hesitating about it,but you agreed."Your right Temari,maybe it won't be SO bad"
You chuckled,and she chuckled along with you
"That's the spirit kiddo,and aren't I always?"
You smiled at her cocky attitude,and then you left of to find gaara.

The first thing that popped into your head was "How am I going to find him?"
So you thought about the places Gaara could be...
And after what seemed like an eternity of looking,you found him,he was practicing jutsu with his sand,almost like always since the chuunin exams.
You always liked gaara,but you had the inability to tell him,which you thought made you weak.But you couldn't get over him.
"Hey Gaara!"
He jolted his head to look at you,dropping his sand.
"Oh,its only you yumi"
"Yeah,its me,I wanted to ask you something"
Gaara looked at you,at what you thought was eagerness
"Um,look,I know i've asked you a million times,but,how was the chuunin exams like?"
His happiness washed away like water and turned to dissapointment,I guess that's not what he expected you to say.But he answered as calmly as always.
"The chuunin exams were hard,the first part of the chuunin exams wasn't much of a challenge,I passed that,and neither was the second part of the chuunin exams,In fact I finished it in one hour and thirty seven minutes,without a scratch-"
You were amazed on how well gaara passed the chuunin exams.
"The preliminary exams were almost hardest,I had to go against the one called "Rock Lee".His level of tai jutsu was indeed advanced,and his speed was enough to penetrate my sand shield.After I was left almost weak,He made a move called the Reverse Lotus,which left him weaker than me,so I crushed his arm and leg with my sand,critically injuring him,as well as trying to kill him,I was stopped by his sensei,although,I still passed."
You were more and more amazed,but a little bit surprised of him and gaara's opponents,they were indeed strong.
"And the last part may have been the most threating of all,I was left to face "Sasuke Uchiha".He shared a similar type of tai-jutsu similar too lee's and speed as well,that he was also able to penetrate my sand shield.I was left with not many options,although I didn't care,I tried to transform,but Sasuke's chidori was so strong,it was the first time I had bled-"
You held in your gasps,he must have been a strong opponent to hurt gaara that way,he has never bled,and he never told you before.
"That disabled me from transforming,and I don't think anyone had won at that round.And that was the last of the chuunin exams"
You were simply speechless with gaara's story,it almost made you want to cry.
"Gaara,why didn't you tell me this before?"
he sighed "Yumi,I never wanted you to be worried about me,It would distract you from your training for the chuunin exams.And besides,I don't want anything to happen to you."
You were still surprised from his story,and the costant information filling into your head was mind-blowing,but,you couldn't believe what he had just said.
You blushed madly,even though gaara was facing the ground.
"I mean that..I really like you,Yumi"
And your face was a new shade on red, red as a tomato :P
"What?R-really Gaara"
"I wouldn't be surprised if you don't like me yumi,because of-"
You tilted his head up with your fingers,causing him to stop tallking,and you saw he was blushing too.
"Gaara,I know what you are going to say,and no,that isn't it at all.I like you too,more than like,and I was too afraid to tell you.If you really thought that's why you though I didn't like you,your wrong.."
You paused,closing your eyes briefly to avoid the tears,
"If I didn't like you,then why did I approach you 8 years ago,remember Gaara?"
His eyes widened,that's what he wanted to hear from the beggining.
And you quickly pushed your lips into his,feeling his warm lips,and he wrapped his arms around your waist,while you wrapped your arms around his neck,this went on for a couple of minutes,so you pulled away and said..
"I love you Gaara of the desert"
"and I love you Yumi"
You kissed away until sunset,and now,you would have no trouble passing those chuunin exams. :)

Gaara became the first love of your life,and back then,you may have been too young to do anything a bit "rashional"
XD "wink" So you did anything a normal couple would,erm sorta normal.Gaara may have been overprotective at times,but that doesn't mean he didn't care.And you spent all the time you could with him,until who knows when. :)

The end!

(yay!,done,plz comment,I have a habit of saying that alot.:P hope you liked!I'll make sure to make more,If you guys want me to!goodbye!)