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Vampire 7 minutes in heaven;) girls only
Story published February 9, 2011 · 7 pages · 919 readers · 2,201 reads
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you didnt know why you came to joshes party. you didnt really want to come. you sat on the couch as everyone piled into the living room. you hardely knew anyone there.  josh came into the room. "who wants to play seven minutes in heaven??" josh yelled out. "umm and this is where i go to the other room.." you  said. "leo you go first." josh said. just as you were about to walk you josh started dragging you back. "hey what are you doing??" you yelled. "you got picked." josh said while smiling. he pushed you into the closet and locked the door. all you saw was darkness. "alright who chose me?" you said into the darkness. "i did." a voice said behind you. you jumped. "jumpy are we" the voice said while laughing. "my name is leo, you must be," he held a peice of paper up. "______." he said. "umm yeah." you replied. "so in this seven minutes in heaven game, what do we do?" he asked. you rolled your eyes. "well the two people who go into the closet are supposed to... kiss." you said while blushing. "kiss?" leo said surprised.

he started walking over to you. her grabbed your chin and lifted your face up to his. "alright then." he said with a smile. and with that he kissed you softely on the lips. you wraped your arms around him.

the door flew open and you two pulled away quickly. "alright guys, games over... every one decided to quit.." josh said. you walked out of the closet. leo followed behinde. you decided to go home.

you walked home alone. you have to go throught some woods that were dark. along the way you saw someone ahead of you. "oh h-hello." you said. "mmmmm, i cant resist my self.." the person said. "exuse me?" you said. all of a sudden the stranger was behind you holding onto you. "let go!" you screamed. you felt a sharp pinch on your neck and you screamed in agony. you fall to the ground. all of the sudden you hear someone yell for them to stop and that your with him. you look up to see leo standing over to you with a angery look on his face. the stranger dissapeared. leo bent down to you with pain in his eyes. "im so sorry." he said. and with that you passed out.

you woke up in a strange place. you were in someones bed. "ahh, finaly your awake." you heard a familiar voice say. you feel your neck and its bandaged. "dont worrie i got all the poison out." you look up to see leo sitting on the end of the bed facing you. "poison?" you say weakly. "shh dont speak your still very weak." leo said. "will since you got bit i guess you have to know. i am a vampire. then person you ran into last night was one to. he was going to feed on you but luckily i came just in time." leo explained. "but dont worrie your still human." you just sat there with a shocked face. "its ok i wont harm you." leo said. he walked over to you and leaned down close to you. "besides i like you to much." he said while smiling. he kissed you softely like he did before. for some reason you werent afraid. you felt attracted to him. so you kissed him back.

awhile later you two started dating, then a year later leo changed you and you two lived happily everafter;)