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7 minutes in heaven with Big Bang.
Story published March 1, 2011 · 3 pages · 2,346 readers · 8,413 reads
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% Taeyang %

You stand up and nervously reach into the hat and pull out a red piece of paper. you look around having no idea who it might be. then Taeyang laughs and gives himself away. then stands up and you fallow him into the closet. you stand looking at each other. sorry, i'm a little nervous. Then he giggles. "what!?" you say then he leans in and softly kisses you and makes you giggle. "that" he says and grabs your arms and puts them around his neck. "i'll lead" and he quickly goes in and kisses only your top lip. You pull back a little but not much. But now warming up to the idea, you kiss him back and hold him tighter. he moves his hands up to your hair playing with your curls. then suddenly you here pounding on the door "heloooo!give some one else a chance"