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She's The One, A Harry Styles Love Story
Story published March 8, 2011 · updated July 25, 2012 · 63 pages · 41,297 readers · 345,528 reads
Indroduction (Have
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Indroduction (Have To Read)

Name: Kathleen (Scarlett
Age: 16, Birthday On The 23rd Of June

Appearance: Brown Hair With Natrual Blone Highlights, Blue/Grey Eyes, Very Rosey Cheeked, Pale Skinned And Smiles Most Of The Day

Personality: Quirkey, Sensitive, Wild, Crazy, Energetic, Abit Insecure, Funny, Some What Flirty, Gets Embarrassed VERY easily And Loves To Mess About

More Information;

Siblings: Brother Louis Tomlinson

Lives: Moves Around Alot, Goes With Her Brother From Place To Place, When He Goes To Meet Up With The One Direction Lads.

Relationship Status: In Love With Harry Styles