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What does Sora think of you? (GIRLS ONLY)
Quiz published March 8, 2011 · 547 takers
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Me: Ok so in this quiz you will be talking to me and Sora
Sora: Hey how ya doin?
Me: Ok first question..... what's you favorite color? *blocks attack and takes Sora's KeyBlade* DUDE!!
Sora:*makes KeyBlade come back* Girls, calm down!


Me: Ok Sora your turn!
Sora: *busts out in song* STOP, RP, TIME
Me: -_- Just say it!
Sora: Ok ok If I snuck up from behind you and grabbed you then kissed you what would you do?


Me: Haha
Sora: Whats so funny?
Me: *looks up from Sora's PSP I stole while he was asking the question* Nothing *giggle*
Sora: *yanks back* ASK THE QUESTION!!
Me: FINE!!! Who do you like? *turns to Sora*
Sora: *blushes like crazy*
Me: *takes the PSP back* HA! *continues game*
Sora: D:


Me: *still playing game* Sora your turn!
Sora: Whats your favorite game?
Sora: OH SHUT UP *hits me in head with keyblade*
Me: *fake crys*
ME: She should really answer the question now.
Sora: I know


Me: Did you like my quiz?
Sora: srry


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