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Love from a rose (A James from pokemon love story)(Girls onl
Story published March 16, 2011 · 8 pages · 2,060 readers · 2,784 reads
Love from a rose (
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Love from a rose (A James love story)

Name: Hotaru (Meaning of "firefly") 

Hair: Black 

Eyes: Brown

Pokemon: Charizard, Salamance, Dragonite, Rayquaza, Kingdra, Suicune. 

Info: You chose to be a member of Team Rocket. It was your first day. You were the first one in history to have two legendary pokemon. The boss from Team Rocket was impressed and decided to let you join the team. You were an orphan, so you don't remember having any parents. Your Charizard was a Charmeleon at first and saw you alone. He stayed with you and you made a big bond with your Charizard and your other pokemon. On with the story! 

You were assigned to a new team, due to that your old teammates told you that you couldn't catch up with them. You were fine by that, you wanted new teammates. They were total jerks to you, even their pokemon didn't like you. You got Charizard out and waited for your new team to show up. "What do you think they are going to be like, Charizard?" You asked. It let out a soft roar. You smiled and stroke the top of his head. You heard doors open and saw the lieutenant with two people and a Meowth. You stood up and stayed near Charizard's side. "Hotaru, this is your new team. Jessie and James and their pokemon, Meowth." The lieutenant said. You nodded at them. Jessie had long red hair and ruby eyes. James was pretty cute. He had short blue hair with green eyes. "This is Hotaru, you're new teammate." The lieutenant said. The lieutenant leaves the room, leaving you and your new team alone. "It's, uhhh...nice to meet you guys." You said. "Why do we need a new teammate, we are fine as we were." Jessie said. You realized that she didn't like you now, even though you barely know her. "Sorry, she haves a attitude right now. We failed our last mission." James said. You nodded. "This is Charizard by the way." You said. Charizard let out a roar. "I'm Meowth!" Meowth said. You jumped a little. "You okay, Hotaru?" James asked. "Uhhh...I didn't know that your Meowth talked. I was just...suprised was all." You said with a anime sweat mark. James smiles. You headed out to their next mission. You were suppose to capture a Tyranitar somewhere in the south. You saw their hot air baloon. It was a bigger version of Meowth. You and Charizard had a anime sweat mark. "Is something wrong?" Meowth asked while he jumped on your back. "It's just...that the hot air baloon is..." You said. You wanted to describe it, but couldn't. You told them that you don't need a lift. "Why?" James asked. You pulled out your Poke'ball. "Because I already have a perfect Pokemon to give me a lift." You said. You put Charizard back into his Poke'ball. "Rayquaza. Go!" You yelled. Rayquaza comes out and lets out a roar. Your team stares at you suprised. You stroked Rayquaza's side. "What's wrong?" You asked while getting on Rayquaza's back. "How...did you get Rayquaza!?" Jessie asked. "That's because I rescued this Pokemon from scientist that want to experiment on him. He then rescues me from the same scientists. So, we've been together for a long time since that day. Aint that right, Rayquaza?" You asked while patting his side. Rayquaza lets out a roar. Team Rocket were in the sky in their hot air baloon, while you were in the sky on Rayquaza's back. "Say, Hotaru, what was your life like?" James asked. You told Rayquaza to get close to the baloon. "To tell you the truth, James. I don't think that you'll find it interesting." You said. James shook his head. "I'm interested already." James said while pulling out a rose. You smiled. "I'll tell you guys later..." You said while winking. You and Team Rocket were near your destination. You told Rayquaza to land while Team Rocket were trying to land their baloon. You put Rayquaza' back into his Poke'ball. You waited for Jessie, James and Meowth to put the hot air baloon away. You saw them ready. You and your team headed out. You suddenly saw a split road. You didn't know wether to take left or right. You suddenly had an idea. "Suicune. Go!" You yelled. Suicune comes out and stares at you. "Do you know where the Tyranitar is, Suicune?" You asked. Suicune started to feel the aura around him. He pointed left. "Thanks, boy." You said. You put Suicune back in his Poke'ball. You realized that Jessie, James, and Meowth were staring at you suprised again. "Oh, yeah...I forgot to tell you that I have a Suicune as well." You said. James smiles at you. "Suicune told us that the Tyranitar went left." You said while pointing at the left road. "How do you know if he isn't lying?" Jessie asked. You stared at her. "Because, he can sense the aura around him. Plus, he's never been wrong." You said while giving her an evil glare. You started to walk off. James stares at you. "What's gotten into her?" Jessie asked. Meowth stares at Jessie. "You haven't been nice to her lately..." Meowth said. Jessie started to argue with Meowth. You sighed and stopped walking. "How about we camp tonight and start searching for Tyranitar tomorrow?" You asked. James nods. You setted up the tents and used Charizard to start the fire. You layed down right next to Suicune. "I thought that a new team will do me good, Suicune. But it looks like I was wrong." You said. "Kuuuu!" Your Suicune said. You smiled and stared at the stars with Suicune. "I wonder...if I could see what my parents look like. I mean, that I was forced to raise by myself when I was little. You and the others help me to regain my confidence again. I was so quiet at first, but now, here I am in Team Rocket." You said. You didn't realized that James was listening you. "Oh. You, uhhh, heard me didn't you, James?" You asked. James nods and sits next to you. "Yeah, I was an orphan. But I had my pokemon to help me to take care of myself." You said. You suddenly felt Jame's hand on yours. You stared at James. "I'm sorry if you're going through this by yourself, Hotaru." James said while looking away. You smiled. James was worried about you. You rest your head on his shoulder and sighed. "It's okay, James. Even though I was raised alone for awhile, but I keep going, no matter what happened." You said. James stares at you and then smiles at you. He then rest his head on the top of your head and stares at the stars with you. You then fell asleep an hour later, still with your head resting on Jame's shoulder. James puts you down gently on his laps and strokes your hair lightly. He stares at the stars. He was still wondering if you were not happy at all. He then falls asleep later with you in his lap. (Next Morning) You woke up and realized that you were in James' lap. You blushed lightly. You shook James to wake up. He wakes up and realized that both you and James' faces were inches apart. You look away blushing. "Uhhh...sorry about that." You said. James smiles and helps you up. "It's okay, Hotaru." James said. You smiled. You and Team Rocket headed out to search for Tyranitar. You suddenly heard noises. You peered by the tree and saw the same scientist that was after Rayquaza. "What is it, Hotaru?" James asked. James peered around the corner and saw the scientist. "Those are the same people that was after Rayquaza." You said. You saw the Tyranitar trapped in a cage. "There's Tyranitar." You whispered. You decided to make a plan. "Jessie, Meowth. Try to make a distraction while me and James try to free Tyranitar." You said. James and Meowth agreed with the plan, except for Jessie. "Why do I have to be a distraction!?" Jessie yelled. Meowth covers her mouth with his paw. "Keep your voice down, Jessie!" Meowth whispered. "Besides, Jessie. I have more experience with these type of locks on those cages. Just go with the plan, okay?" You asked. Jessie then finally agrees with you. You saw Jessie and Meowth making the distraction. "Let's go, James." You said. You and James tip-toed to Tyranitar's cage. "It's okay, Tyranitar. We're gonna get you out of there." You said while trying to pick the lock. The Tyranitar nods and stares at the distraction that Jessie and Meowth were doing. You managed to pick the lock and let Tyranitar out. "You want to come with us, Tyranitar? It's much better than being stuck with these bumzos." You asked. The Tyranitar starts to rub his head against yours. You giggle. "I'll take that as a yes." You said. You put the Tyranitar in the poke'ball and managed to escape with him. "Hey, you! You're the one that took Rayquaza away from us!" One of the scientist said. You got out Charizard, Salamance, and Dragonite out. "It's time to go, guys! I got Tyranitar!" You yelled. Jessie got on Salamance, Meowth got on Dragonite while you and James got on your Charizard. "Let's go!" You said. You and Team Rocket were high in the air. You suddenly felt something fly pass you. You saw that the scientist were shooting at you with something. One was about to hit James until you blocked it with your arm. You realized that it was a booster with some liquid inside. "This doesn't look good..." You said. You and Team Rocket were far away from the scientist. "All we have to do is turn in Tyranitar and mission is complete." You said. You and the guys were over at sea. You started to feel dizzy. It was probably from the shot that you got hit with. You started to loose vision. "You okay, Hotaru?" Meowth asked. "Yeah...I" You suddenly fell off of Charizard and landed in the ocean. James was calling out your name. You couldn't hear anything no longer. You used your poke'ball to summon Kingdra. Kingdra swims up to you and you managed to hang on to his back while swimming up to the surface. When you got up to the surface you suddenly felt an arm around you. You looked up and saw James. "James..." You whispered. You suddenly passed out from the booster shot that the scientists gave you.  

Few Hours later...
You suddenly started to regain concious. You looked around and realized that you were in a cave. You looked up and realized that you were in James' lap. You blushed lightly and sat up a little. You rest your head on James' chest and nearly fell back to sleep. "Thank you,....James." You whispered. You fell back asleep. James woke up and saw you asleep. He smiles and falls back asleep. Next morning, you suddenly felt yourself in someone's arms. You look up and saw James carrying you. You blushed lightly. James stared at you, realizing that you were awake, and smiled. "You okay, Hotaru?" James asked. You nodded lightly. "Uhh...I can walk James--" "I rather carry you. The booster shot nearly knocked you out for at least two days, so I don't want to risk it." James said. You smiled lightly and rest your head on James' shoulder. James smiled. You and the team got near a cliff and realized that you did't have the hot air baloon. You started to feel your face burning red. You breathed heavily. "James...I don't feel so good..." You said in a weak voice. James felt your forehead and realized that you had a high fever. "The effects are starting to spread in her body, so she won't be around for long." A voice said. James looked and realized it was the same scientists that shot you with a booster. "Chang her back, now!" Meowth yelled. The scientist smirked. "There's nothing I can do to help her, so she's done and over with." The scientist said. You started to breath even more heavier. You suddenly felt something behind you. You and Team Rocket saw Lugia. "It's...that...?" Jessie stuttered. "That's a Lugia!" Meowth yelled. Lugia saw you in the condition. He then blasted to scientist with a hyper beam and told Team Rocket to hop on his back. Lugia was then high in the air and stared at you and James. James started to stroke your hair lightly. "I'm sorry, guys...for putting you into this mess. It's all my fault." You said James shook his head. "No, it's my fault. If I haven't watched you more carefully, you wouldn't have your life in risk right now." James said. You smiled and rest your hand on his cheek. "If I don't make it James, I just wanted to say that...I.." You suddenly fainted from the high fever. James' eyes went wide and realized what you were about to tell him. He holds you closer while Lugia was flying as fast as he could to get to Team Rocket's hideout. A hour later, you and Team Rocket were at the hideout and you were in the medical room. It took at least two hours to get the booster shot out of your blood stream. You still had a high fever from it. You started to wake up and looked around. You smiled. "Heh. I guesss I'm not done yet." You said. You looked next to you and saw James asleep in a chair. You smiled and sat up. You shook James lightly. "Hey...James...wake up." You whispered. James woke up and saw you okay.d He then wraps his arms around you and hugged you. You were suprised at first, but then started to hug back. "I'm sorry if I worried about you guys...even you, James." You said. James shook his head and holded you tighter. "I'm the one who is sorry, Hotaru. I shouldn't let you go through all that happened on the mission." James said. You smiled and pulled away. James smiled back. You were released from the medical room and headed outside with James. You were still wondering if he remembered what you wanted to tell him earlier that day. "James? I want to ask you something..." You said while blushing. "What is it?" James asked. You started to shake a little. " like me? I mean, do you 'like me' like me?" You asked. You didn't get an answer. You were about to walk away, but you suddenly felt arms around you. You smiled and hugged James in return. You stared at James for awhile. You suddenly felt his lips pressed against yours. You started to kiss back. James pulled away and rest his forehead on yours. "Of course I like you, Hotaru. I usually never felt this way around people before." James said. You smiled while tears were forming in your eyes. James wipes your tears away with his finger and handed a rose to you. "I promise that I'll be there for you." James said. You smiled and hugged him. "I promise the same thing..." You said. James smiled and tightens the hug. You and James started to date each other eversince that day. Love was from a rose, and you were James' rose the entire time. You had something to love and cherish for the rest of your life. 

The end! I hoped you liked it!