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Wings Of Love
Story published March 24, 2011 · 5 pages · 519 readers · 1,906 reads
Mr and Mrs Gray
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Mr and Mrs Gray

I'm Now Living With Brain, and 8 Months Pregnant. Life Has Changed Big Time, and Guess What... BRIAN ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!! We Have To Get Married To Support The Baby, Well, That's What Brain Said, But It Won't Really, Weddings Are Expensive. May 19th - We Got Hitched (aka Married). I'm Not Going To Lie, But It Really Was The Best Day of My Life. I Had To Say I Was 16 Like Brian, and Get a Fake I.D. So I Could Get Married. 13, Pregnant, Married, Living With Her 'Husband', I Feel Like America's Youngest Housewife. My Name Was No Longer Kristina Hilton, But Kristina Gray. Kristina Gray. I Like That Name. I'm Also Having a Boy, We and Brain Have Decorated a Nursery For The Baby, It's Blue, Obviously, and It's Sooo Cute, I Want It, But I Can't, The Little One in My Belly is Going To Have It...