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Akatsuki Truth or Dare
Story published April 2, 2011 · 8 pages · 2,401 readers · 10,400 reads
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You had been it the Akatsuki for less than a month and found it amusing that due to boredom they had decided to play truth or dare! I had been one of the first to agree and thinking I’m going to pick dare just to throw them off, and these guys are going to ask me to do a strip tease or something sexual. We were all around sitting in a circle, and the group had chosen Kisame to pick who went first, he chose me of course.
I smiled and said without pause Dare! He looked shocked for a second and had to think he had to have thought I would pick truth, I smiled as he looked at each member; he stopped and smiled, then turned to look at me he said, “ok I dare you to spend the entire night with Tobi in his room. I really couldn’t stand Tobi he was annoying. I sighed as Tobi screamed “Tobi’s a good boy!” He grabbed my hand and pulled me to his room, I laid on the bed and closed my eyes, trying to ignore the annoying kid next to me. I heard a deep voice say “You don’t like me very much do you -Chan.” I slowly opened my eyes and turned to look around the room.
It was only me and Tobi, I looked confused I’m sure. Still looking at Tobi I heard him chuckle in the deep voice and he said, “It was me who spoke -Chan.” I said “Who are you?” He lifted his hand to his mask and slowly took it off, he said “My name is Madara Uchiha.” I gasped as I saw his face and said, “your gorgeous and sexy as hell.” He smirked at me and said, “you want to see how sexy.” I smiled and said, “if your game I am!” We spent the night having fun.
I walked out of his room, in the morning, in one of his oversized shirts and went in the living room where everyone was already scattered, before going back I looked at Kisame and said “Thanks for the dare it was fun.” The whole room looked shocked.

Madara and I ended up dating and getting married and having seven kids (wow a lot right)