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Akatsuki Truth or Dare
Story published April 2, 2011 · 8 pages · 2,373 readers · 10,235 reads
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I wasn’t paying attention to the game, I was staring at Itachi, unknowingly, and Dei Dei tapped my shoulder I realized everyone was staring at me, and I said “What?” Kisame smirked and said not for the first time, “Truth or Dare?” I thought for a second and said “Truth”. Everyone in the room was smirking or smiling except, me, Itachi, and Sasori.
I was confused until he said, “isn’t it true that you are in love with Itachi and why are you in love with him” I could feel my face go bright red and Itachi watching me with interest. I lifted my head and bravely said “Yes it’s true, and the reason is because he acts like he doesn’t care and is a bad person but I know he isn’t and he has a good soul.”
They were all surprised by my bold very truthful answer. I got up and said “I’m not playing anymore.” I got up and was walking to my room, I was about to turn the doorknob and go in when someone put their hand on my mouth and pulled me into my own room. I knew who it was so I let him. He sat me on the bed and let go, he slowly walked across the room turned and looked at me.
I said a little amused, “Is there something you needed Itachi?” He shook his head, I would guess trying to figure me out, but said “did you mean what you said out there?” I said seriously yes, I have many abilities that no one here knows about and one is I can tell the truth of someone’s soul. Yours is far purer than anyone else here.” He sighed and said, “I noticed how you stared but didn’t really think about it.” I nodded and whispered, “Itachi if you don’t feel the same I understand, and it’s not like I except you too ok?”
He sat next to me and said, “I love you too!” After that he kissed me, and we got down and dirty.

*One Month Later*
Itachi and I had been dating for the past month, I was sitting on the bed waiting for him to get back from the mission he was on, I was fairly freaking. I found out I ‘m pregnant and was pretty sure that if Itachi didn’t kill me, Pein would! I was fretting on the bed Itachi and I shared sitting crossed legged when Itachi walked it.
He smiled when he saw me and came over, he started kissing my neck, I was so nervous. He stopped and said What’s wrong?” I stiffened thinking ‘how can he read me so easily.’ I whispered “Itachi I am so sorry it’s all my fault, I’m pregnant and if you don’t want me or the baby I can leave.” He stiffened and asked “Is it mine.” I pulled away and slapped him saying “You idiot of course it is.”
He smiled and hugged me saying I love you and I doubt it’s all your fault since I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have happened without me.” I smiled and said “You’ll protect me against Pein won’t you?” He smiled and said, “I will always protect you ?

*Eight and a Half Months Later*
I had been in labor for the past 12 hours and ended up having triplets, two little girls and one boy. Itachi and I were sitting looking at the beautiful baby, I looked at him and said, “Itachi I’m sorry about everything I said over the last few hours.” He chuckled and said don’t worry you were in pain and I’ve been called much worse.”