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Monster high love story (Done)
Story published May 1, 2011 · updated February 21, 2012 · completed · 19 pages · 5,070 readers · 46,761 reads
Chapter 12
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Chapter 12

 I woke up to being the guest bedroom of Deuce's home, again. I had medical cloth wrapped around my chest and it hurt badly to breath. I sat up, slowly, and saw that my shoulders also had some medical cloth over them to. I felt like a living mummy. There was a light knock on the door. Come in. I sat in bed worried, what if Brad walks in, but I doubt it was, why would he bring me to Deuce's house when he could just take me home. Deuce popped his head through the doorframe first. A smile sudden flew across my face. I wanted to jump out of bed and go hug him, but my chest and shoulders said "No way!" to that. Hey there, you came back. Hurt but you came back. Deuce sat down on the bed next to me. I went to lean in close to him to hug him but that just made me scream out in pain. AHHH! Shhhhh, hush my sweet tepas -meaning monster in greek- Leaning back, rest, you need it. It's a mericle (sp?) that you are still here. Chase made it back with a dislocated shoulder, Draculaura was able to pop it back in for him though, and then he iced it for the rest of the night, went to bed with the ice pack on his shoulder. Both Draculaura's mom and my mom were amazed to see that you were still breathing when you came back. I was in a state of shock, Clawdeen and Frankie were alseep and Lagonna brought you up here when Chase handed you over to her. I listened to Deuce's sweet voice and closed my eyes. Deuce kissed my forehead and then he left to let me sleep.

one month later. . . 
I placed a finger to my lips telling Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Frankie to not make a sound. Lagonna tried to hold back a laugh and silenced it witha silence chuckle. I wanted to laugh too, but I didn't. I quickly ran up behind Deuce and jump on his back. GOTCHA! Haha! Deuce laughed and pulled me off his back. Haha, yes you got me my sweet tepas! Now come on, we are going to be late for the crowning of Dead King and Queen. My cousin & her date (clawd), my brother & Clawdeen, Frankie & her date (Holt Hydes), Lagonna & her boyfriend (Gill), Deuce and I walked to the gym. Deuce kissed my forehead, an gave me a gentle hug. I love you. I love you too. We danced for a while, but I couldn't dance much because my lungs were still healing from the wound that I got one month ago.
We were in the middle of a slow dance when the principle spoke up. It's time to crown the dead King and Queen of Monster high! Everyone clapped and then the gym went silent. Monster High's Dead King is Clawd Wolf! Everyone cheered, Clawd got a few high fives and Draculaura gave him a hug. Then he went up to the stage to be crowned Dead King. The crowd went silent again, waiting to hear who the queen was. I bet Draculaura. I laughed and Deuce gentle hugged me. And now for your Monster High Dead Queen! Monster High's Dead Queen is . . . Draculaura! Everyone cheered, I gave Draculaura a hug and she was a bit light headed! She made it to the stage and Clawd help her up the stage, there she was crowned Queen. Then they had their first Dead King and Queen Dance. 
The dance ended around midnight, and Deuce drove me home. I went to bed that night smiling, happy.

The end