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Camisado (A BOTDF Love Story) (CHAPTER 17 NOW UP!)
Story published May 3, 2011 · updated August 20, 2011 · 29 pages · 4,731 readers · 33,540 reads
Chapter Seventeen:
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Chapter Seventeen: Injectly Me Sweetly

 AUTHORS NOTE: sorry for the super long wait but thanks for the love. i could really use it right now. for the contest i have gotten one guess and it was incorrect so the contest is still going. good luck! also i have this idea for the story. i know yaoi, smut, lemons, etc. are not allowed on quizazz but i might write a lemon scene on another site and post a link for those of you who want to read it. is it a good idea? id appreciate feedback! fifteen comments needed please!

Dahvie's POV

We had arrived in Baltimore the next day, after having been on a plane FOREVER. At least First Class has free booze... Rainbow and Jayy had headed off to God-knows-where, leaving Ash and me to find Jenny's place on our own. Eventually, we came across a small tattoo parlor called "Bubblegum". Me and Ash walked in to see what was probably the most professional tattoo place I'd ever been. And I've been to ALOT.

The equipment was state-of-the-art, the place had wicked decor, and no one looked like they wanted to kill me. I led Ash to the back room. When we entered the door, we were greeted with a huge hug from a small, pink-haired girl. 

"Hey, I'm Jen. You are of course Dahvie Vanity," she said looking at me. Her gaze moved to Ashley. "And you must be Ashley. You know, you're almost as famous as Mr. Vanity, himself!" she said with a smile. I chuckled. "So what were you guys wanting to get today?"

I described the tattoo of Ash's name I was getting. Jen turned to Ash and said, "What about you?"

"I'd like to get a couple: a Hello Kitty one on my left shoulder blade, an SGTC Princess one on the inside of my right wrist, the BOTDF cartoon ghost like Dahvie's on my right hand, the unity symbol on my left collarbone, and then a tattoo that says, "Property of Dahvie" in red ink outlined in black on my hipbone."

I looked at her. "Are you sure, sweetie? It might hurt more than you're expecting."

She smiled and pecked me on the lips.

"I can handle it."

So Jen rang us up and sat us in chairs next to eachother. Two tattoo artist came in, one for each of us, and I held my baby girl's as she cringed from the first injection of ink into her skin.

Ashley's POV

"Tylenol!" I screamed. Dahvie rushed to my side. 

"You just had one. You can only take them every six hours."

"I don't give a fuck! Please?!" I writhed in pain. Dahvie sighed and opened up the bottle of pills and handed me one. I dry swallowed it and cried in pain as I waited for the burning feeling to go away.

Five hours later I awoke in our bed with a massive headache. Thankfully, the burning had gone away, but I was still sore.

I walked to the kitchen to get some water. As I passed the T.V., I tripped and fell. Dahvie sprang up and rushed over.

"Baby, are you alright?" he asked, concerned.

I nodded.

He helped me up and pulled me into a kiss of pure love. I realized then that his intentions were in no way lustful. He did'nt just want me for sex. He wanted me no matter what the sacrifice. Once I'd figured it out, I felt myself engulfed in his love. I was bathing in it. I was basking in it. I was thriving in it.

And, suddenly, I felt myself lusting after him. Craving his skin against mine. It was a feeling I had never really felt, so I did what came naturally: I kissed him. I kissed him with so much passion, I was afraid I would startle him. But to my surprise, he kissed back with an equal amount of lust.


okay so please tell me what you think :) if at least to people give positive reviews/rates i will continue with more chappies and some character profiles (with pics! ;D) thanks!