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Naruto seven minutes in heaven
Story published May 23, 2011 · 6 pages · 4,037 readers · 15,280 reads
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its my birthday and i invited the naruto gang to my party, we discided to play 7 in heaven, so each guy put and item into the hat, "___ you pick first" you blush but slip your hand in, something sqeaks, you pull it out "a dog toy?" you ask shyly "thats me!" kiba grins as he stands, you blush deeper (you REALLY like kiba) kiba grabs your hand and pulls you into the closet, he slams and locks it himself, you can here all of us laughing outside, kiba swings you around to have you sit on his lap, you go hinata red and look away, "____?" you start to shake alittle "" you whisper shakely "do you like me?" kiba asks, you eaya go wide and on the verge of fainting you sqeak out "ya" he pulls you close and kisses you with much  passion "ONE MINUTE!!" i shout, you hear kiba shout something then the world goes black, "___?" 'huh?' "____?!?!" you hear someone shout, you open your eayes to see my worried expretion "miki?" you ask "oh my GOD!! you scared the craper doodles out of me!!" i shout, you quince "s..sorry" you whisper, i just smile and yell "HEY KIBA!! you girlfriends awake!!"

hope u like it :)