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What Kind Of Guy Matches Your Personality?
Quiz published May 26, 2011 · 127,823 takers
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A new boy joins your class at school. He is told to go to the only empty seat-which just happens to be right next to you! You watch with interest as he walks toward you. On closer examination he appears to be very hot! His hair is a deep black and hangs over one of his eyes, which are bright blue. When he sits next to you, what do you do?
You're walking down the street at night and a random guy you've never met approaches you. His breath smells like alcohol and he stumbles a bit on the way to your side. What do you do?
You are at a park with your best friend and you hear a loud bang. You rush to the source of the sound and see a really hot guy lying on the ground with a bullet wound in his side. Your friend panics and runs away and you are left alone with the injured guy. What do you do?
Your best friend who you've know for pretty much your whole life goes on a trip with his mates. On the way back his car's brake snaps and the vehicle goes careening out of control off a bridge and into a lake. Everyone makes it out of the wreckage alive-except your friend. When you find out, how do you react to the terrible news?
You are out shopping and the check out guy is really, REALLY hot! You notice that he meets your gaze more then once while scanning the items and he seems to be interested. You start a small conversation with him but soon have to leave due to other impatient customers. As you walk away, you know he is still staring at you. How do you handle this?
You are at work and a guy you're serving starts making small talk with you. He's really cute and his smile is amazing, and his jokes are making you laugh. Suddenly you get in trouble for socializing and are told to go out the back and clean, but you would really prefer to stay and chat with the guy. What do you do?

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