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Listen to the music Akatsuki style
Story published May 28, 2011 · updated May 29, 2011 · completed · 10 pages · 6,930 readers · 41,324 reads
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I walked off down the hallway, not really wanting to do this. Seeing a green door with a brown handle I walked up to it. Green being my favorite color it stood out from everything else. I touched the smooth wooden handle, before entering a dark room, that was nice and cool, but I could see enough to know where I was going, until someone grabbed me. "We should eat her.... No, were not eating her. why not? because we can't. says who? the rules of the game well quit the game, and eat her. no." I raised an eyebrow at that, "Uh, you do know this is a game, right?" "yes..we're not stupid." I tilted my head, and looked at who had grabbed me. One half of his face was white, the other was black, and he had green hair and bright gold eyes, but the weirdest thing was. HeĀ  had a big venus flytrap on him. I tilted my head, "What's your name?" He looked down at me, "Zetsu." The white half answered. I assumed he was the nice one. "Nice to meet you Zetsu, I'm ___________." He nodded, still watching me. "So, you have two different personalities?" He nodded "We're polar opposites." I smiled "I thinks that's cool." I said happily, both sides looked at me curiously. "Cool? try being stuck to this idiot the whole day -.-" I giggled at the whites calmness and the black sides straight forwardness. "What's so funny?" I shrugged, "I just think it's funny how you two finish each other's sentences and act completely different. He shrugged, "I guess." I smiled, getting bold and leaning forward and pressing my lips up against his. He froze, sitting there, not knowing how to respond to my sudden gesture. Zetsu slowly got out of his state of shock and kissed back. His arms snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and continued. His black side seemed to get bored of my neck and forced the whtie side down to my neck where he bit and sucked, and then soothed with licking and kissing. I smiled, enjoying it. Moaning when he found my soft spot, Zetsu attacking it with biting, only to sooth it after. "Zetsu." I said, wanting to get his attention, he pulled away. "Hm?" "I love you." He looked at me and smiled. "I love you too." I smiled, happy that both sides thought the same way.....