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A Zuko and Katara Love Story
Story published June 14, 2011 · updated June 14, 2011 · 4 pages · 3,074 readers · 10,476 reads
Chapter 1:Katara
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Chapter 1:Katara

Katara was doing her chores in the camp, the time was 8 o'clock and night had come early. After the play, she felt confused and angry at Aang. Why is he so obsessive with me? God, it's annoying! It's like a child with their favorite toy. 
She heard someone coming and looked up and found Zuko looking at her with concern.
"Yes?" she asked curious.
"Are you okay?" he asked, in a soft velvet voice.
"Yes, why wouldn't it be?" she lied.
"For one, I can tell you're lying, and I think I know you and Aang had a fight at the play." he smirked in victory.
Katara sighed, knewing it was pointless to argue.
"Alright... we had a fight..."
"What was it about, Katara?" he asked, since no one was there, he could speak of it freely.
"In the play, my actress said I wasn't in love with Aang like he wants me to be. He... he got upset and I went outside to talk to him.  I told him I was confused and he accused me of being in love with you and then... and then he kissed me." she explained.
"Aang has a crush on you, Katara... but it's not love. Even Toph can see that and she's blind." he assured her.
"I know... I just don't want to hurt his feelings." she confessed.
"The truth always hurts, you and me both know that. It hurt when you learned that the Fire Nation killed your mother, it hurt when I found out that my own Father hated me. Knowing that the one you like doesn't hurt like the things I just said." he insisted.
"You're right. I have to tell him... but after the war. If I do it now, it will ruin his chances at winning." she reasoned.
"I agree. Oh... Katara..." he asked.
"Yes Zuko?"
"Do know.. like me as more than an allie?" he temted.
"You figure it out." she smiled and then left behind a stunned Zuko.

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