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A Nico di Angelo Love Story~FINISHED SEQUEL OUT~
Story published June 15, 2011 · updated February 12, 2012 · 36 pages · 22,295 readers · 217,203 reads
Chapter 1: New Gir
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Chapter 1: New Girl at Goode High

Name: Luna Zoey Cross
Godly Parent: Posiedon, Father
Weapon: Bow and Arrow or Sword
BFF: Thalia, Annabeth, Drew, Piper
BF or crush: Nico
Chapter 1
I groaned and hit the 'snooze' button on my alarmclock.
It was my first day at my new high school: Goode High. My mother and I moved to New York last Christmas. My mom has pretty brown hair and green eyes. She's a writer and also a teacher (which is why we moved) and loves marine life. I'm not that close to her though.
I got dressed into a blue flowy short-sleeve shirt with some deep blue flaired jeans and blue converse. My favorite color is blue, as you can tell. I styled my hair into a mid-ponytail with my natural curls.
"Luna get your ass down here! Time for breakfast!" my mom yelled, she's a grouch in the mornings.
"Coming!" I yelled, grabbed my 'Gir' backpack and ran down stairs.
"Mmm... pancakes!"
"Hurry and eat or you'll be late."
"Kk." I ate real fast and my mom drove me to school.
"Go to the office so you can get your sc-heduale."
"K, love you mom." I kissed her cheek and went to the office where they gave me my scheduale.
1st: Writing and Reading
2nd: History
3rd: PE
4th: Math
5th: Science
6th: Ancient Greek
7th: Drama
8th: Study hall
Cool I guess.
I made my way to Writing and found it, room 205.
I shyly walked in and found a old sweet looking teacher looking at me along with all of the class.
"Um... hi? Are you Mrs. Perriwinkle? I'm the new student, Luna Cross?"
"Ah.. yes, the office said you were coming. Thank you, you may sit down next to Thalia Grace. Ms. Grace raise your hand.." he voice was sweet too. A girl who had shocking blue eyes and spiked black hair and punk clothes raised her hand. I walked over to her.
"Hi." I said shyly.
"Hey. So, you're a sophomore?"
"Ummm... yes?"
"You remind me of someone I know, exept you're a girl and have blue grey eyes."
"Thanks... I think." I laughed.
Lunch Came b fast. It turns out me and Thalia had the exact same scheduale.
"Thalia, Thalia Grace!!!" I heard smeone yell. (A/N I forgot to mention Thalia is on "vacation from hunting and Annabeth her Nico and Percy all go to the same school)
"Over here Annabeth!" I Looked and saw a pretty blonde girl with curls and one gray stripe and fierce grey eyes. She was tan and had a strong look to her.
"Hey. Is this the new girl you texted me in class about?" she eyed her.
"Hi, I'm Luna Cross. I'm guessing you're Annabeth...?"
"Chase." She smiled. Her outfit was a green shirt with the words "Owls Rule!" on it and some jeans and vans.
Then a hot guy with black hair and brown eyes wearing jeans and a black shirt came up behind her and yelled, "BOO!"
"Oh, gods!!!Nico, I swear you're lucky I left my dagger at home!!!"
What did she just say?!?!
Nico, I'm guessing was laughing his head off. "You should've seen your face, Annie. And calm down and have some fun. Even me, son of the death dude has more fun than you!"
"Uhh... Nico, I'd like you to meet tthe new girl Luna Cross. Luna, this is Nico di Angelo."
"Nice to meet you" I smiled and shook his hand, when I did, I felt sparks.
"So, you're Italian?" I asked. I've always liked Italy.
Nico's face darkened. "Yeah, well my mom is...was. My dad's I guess you could say Greek. So... yeah." he half smiled.
"Oh. I'm sorry."
"I don't need your pitty. It's not like I'm depressed all the time (snort from Thalia and Annabeth).. but it's how she died that kills me."
"How.. if I may ask.. did she?"
"A storm (glares at Thalia and thunder cracks)"
"I thought that the weatherman  said it was gonna be sunny today."
"They always lie." he smirked.
"Knock it off Nico!" Annabeth glared.
Then a cute boy with messy black hair and seagreen eyes comes up and puts his arms around Annabeth's waist.
"What he do this time?" he asked.
"I  didn't do anything. It was Thalia's dad!" he complained.
"Yeah why did you upset him?"
"Grrr... I swear Percy Jackson I'm going to make sure Cerebrus has a new chewtoy next time you visit the Underworld." Nico glared.
"Nico.. we have a mortal here!" Thalia hissed.
"I'm lost." I shook my head.
"I'd think you'd be. Hey, I'm Percy. You are?"
"Luna Cross. And are you and Annabeth a couple?" They nodded and blushed.
Me, Thalia, and Nico ran to class. But were cut off by a demonbird.
"Give me the girl!''
Suddenly, Thalia had a shield with a monster head on it, and Nico had a deadly black sword.
"No!" Nico snarled.
"SON OF HADES YOU SHALL PAY FOR BETRAYAL!" with that she vanished.
"What the hell was that?!" I yelled in shock.
"Alecto, a fury. Thalia we need to get to camp." he said while sheathing his sword. Thalia put away her shield and ran off, with me and Nico close behind.
I create one of the characters! It's mainly a two-couple story, amd very long. So if you hate reading alot, this isn't for you. Oh! And I'll keep updating when I have time to.