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I Fell In Love With the Slytherin Prince (Draco Malfoy Love
Story published June 16, 2011 · updated August 11, 2011 · completed · 38 pages · 2,048 readers · 21,362 reads
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Name~Sylvia Potter
Family~Harry Potter(brother),Uncle Vernon,Aunt Petunia,Dudley Dursley(cousin), Sirius Black(godfather),James Potter(deseased)Lilly Potter(deseased)

Friends~none yet, execpt Amber who went to Beauxbaton's

Crush~none yet

Year~(story follows book 4)

Apperance~jet black that goes past shoulders with bangs that stop at my chin, a skull scar like Harry's over the pulse of her neck,and tall, has glasses but frames are rectangular. Green eyes like my mum.

Blood Type-Pure-blood because I got it all from my dad. But i don't care for blood types.

Personality~will get pissed at *anybody* that call her friends mud-bloods, caring of her friends, sarcastic sometimes, people think she is a *very* funny person.

Wand~11 , mahogany wood, dragon heart string and phoenix feather

Smiley(i know it's extra but i like doing this part)~
Slytherin Prince-Year 5 this is the link to the next book in this series! Enjoy!

~Sylvia Potter