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50 Ways to annoy Pein and Madara!
Story published June 21, 2011 · completed · 1 page · 2,064 readers · 1,626 reads
50 Ways to annoy M
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50 Ways to annoy Madara and Pein!

Please do Not use these, i like to keep my work to myself. Thank you ^.^
1. Shave Madara's head.

2. Paint Pein's piercings pink.

3. or make them look like freckles and call him ginger(again no offence to anyone)

4. Take Madara's mask and run.

5. ...Blame it on Kakuzu (XD)

6. Attack Madara with a permanent marker

7. What ever Madara says when he isn't acting like Tobi add to the end of it "...Like a BOSS"

8. Classic: Whenever Pein is around play "Pain" By Three Days Grace.

9. Let 3-Tails lose after Madara.

10. Call Madara a bad boy and wink at him.

11. Pray he doesn't rape/molest you...

12. Write "CARROT TOP" On Pein's forehead

13. Use a HUGE magnet and try to drag Pein and his other bodies around with it.

14. Shove a popsicle/pencil into Madara's mask hole.

15. Best way to drive the Entire Akatsuki nuts:Give Madara Sugar

16. Best way to kill them: Lock them in a room with him after you gave him sugar.

17. Follow Madara or Pein around and sing "The song that never ends"

18. Ask if Madara is attractive, if he says yes(He will-Uchiha pride-) ask him why he never gets a date.

19. Steal Madara's fan.

20. Ask Madara is Uchiha's watched Pokemon, when he asks why, tell him that their crest looks like a pokeball.

21.  Steal Pein's piercings

22. Call Madara "Fan boy" because of his warfan.

23. Works for both of them :Stalk them

24. Flirt with Madara then when he tries to "do" something with you, yell "RAPE!!"

25. Find where Nagato is and sneak up on him and yell "HI LEADER!!"

26. Run like hell.

27. Ask how they get their hair so spiky.

28. replace their cloaks with stripper outfits

29. call Uchiha's sissys in front of Madara.

30.Then say how amazing Hashirama is.

31. Lock Madara in a room with Deidara.

32. Do the same with Pein and Jiraya.

33. Force Madara into a Pepsi commercial like MJ and watch his hair get singed(watch it and you'll understand)

34. when Madara is around yell "LOCKS OF LOVE DAYUMM MADDY!!"

35. sticks random objects in Peins hair (ornaments ballons gum etc.)

36. Let Killer Bee make fun of Madara for an entire day.

37. Again have Sai walk up to them and yell "ARE YOU SAGGY?"

38. Tell Madara he needs to go to a nursing home.

39. Everything Pein does, say "YOU DA MAN!"

40. Ask them if they like mudkips.

41.Then throw one at Madara(Mada loves Mudkips ^.^)

42. Call Madara a "Hedgehog" or "Porcupine"

43. If that doesn't work call him Polka Dot or Spot.

44. Tell Pein that you saw what Konan and Hidan did *wink wink*

45. Wait for the explosion.

46. Whenever you see them. Face Palm.

47. Show Madara the world of Akatsuki Fanfiction.

48. Same for Pein.

49.  Somehow get Itachi to go up to either of them and say "You lack testosterone."

50.  Switch their outfits and hair styles XD